Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Mooney Grove Museum

Now that I'm no longer a farmer I had time to visit Mooney Grove Museum in Visalia. As I walked through the museum I was impressed with how self sufficient and creative early Native Americans were, making use of the natural elements available to them from the surrounding countryside.


  1. Nice native artifacts, I like the gambling tray.
    I also noticed there is not much color except for the cradle.

    Thanks for showing us your pictures

  2. Just think they were surviving fine without their laptops and iphones
    and playstations and, and, and......
    I love the craft work of the Native Americans. On your travels, if you haven't been before, you should visit the Crazy Horse museum near Mt. Rushmore. It is soooo great!

  3. Thanks for the trip. I have been to the reservation and museum near Deep Creek NC and found it facinating.
    The Native American early way of life could teach us all.

  4. Hi Gelisa, thanks, your right, there wasn't much color. I suppose if there had been any blankets they might have had dyed color. Some of the other infant cradles had other colors and beads, but nothing else, but the baskets were spectacular.

    Hi Tracey, thanks, yes I often think that, now that we are in our RV we don't have a home phone and our cell phones are pay as you go and we never have them on; our bills are down to nothing and it is really liberating in so many ways. Well probably have to hit Rushmore when the weather gets warmer, but that would be a nice trip as I haven't been to that part of the United States and do want to try to get to all the states eventually.

    Hi Patti, thanks, I am sure I will visit the museum in North Carolina when I get there. I can see so much inspiration in the grinding rocks and baskets for ceramics and they work is so beautiful.

  5. Hello Linda,

    I've just got caught up with your recent posts. Native American designs are so charming!! This post is very intriguing because the designs and patterns of the native Americans remind me of those of our native Ainu people. The Ainu people's designs are very beautiful and attractive too. I'll post about our Jomon culture(the prehistoric culture) in late December or in January. You might find some similarity with Native American's culture in designs and patterns! Thank you for sharing!!

  6. Sapphire, thanks, I look forward to your post. It is amazing what ancient people did with so very little at their disposal especially modern conveniences.


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