Saturday, December 26, 2009

Sad But Glad

Thai Pot by Linda Starr
pinched, 6 x 4.5 inches

This pinched pot reminds me of a Thai Temple. I even pinched the cover. The lid sits over the top of the pot. I need practice making lids and also learning how to get them to dry evenly. This is something I want to work on because the look of a pot can completely change with the addition of a different lid.

Recently Jeanette Manchester Harris blogged about some imitation gold luster she used in one of her bowls. I don't want to risk firing luster onto this pot because cassius basaltic clay can bloat and glazes can blister easily. That's where testing comes in, but right now I'm in my RV and am unable to do any testing. Perhaps I can try the imitation luster on this pot.

Scale Vase by Linda Starr
pinched, 4 x 5 inches

Here's another pinched pot made from overlapped round discs. I added green slip to emphasize the crevices. The next pot is one of the best I made so far out this clay, the most even and the thinnest. Practice makes perfect. Lastly to use up the clay I made a small dish to hold rings or change.

Flowing Stream by Linda Starr
pinched, 5.5 x 5.5 inches

Today's a sad but glad day. I've finally used up all the clay I have, so the pots I've shown you today mark the last of the clay making for now. I hope to make sure all the pieces are very dry and at least have them bisque fired before we set out on our travels.

Ring Dish by Linda Starr
pinched, 1 x 5 x 3.5 inches

Sad because no clay making for me for a while, but glad because we'll soon be starting out in our RV in search of a new place to live. Sad because just when I am really getting the feel of these two clays I have to give them up for a while. Glad because I see each new piece I make from clay has the potential to teach me something new about clay.

Please come back soon to see how my work over the least month does during firing, and to see where our travels take us.


  1. love the top pinch pot.

    you should swing through wisconsin during your travels. we have lovely rolling hills, microbreweries aplenty, and great cheese!


  2. Best wishes to you on your travels Linda! And Happy New Exciting 2010!

  3. Probably a good idea to write your thoughts and experiences with each of the clays, firings and glazes in your journal. That way when you visit your clay work again it will all come right back to you and all of your wonderful experimenting won't go to waste! Your Blog will also serve as a fun reminder of your efforts too! Happy New Year Linda -can't wait to see where your RV will be taking you...

  4. Hi Christy, thanks so much; I'd love to stop by but not during the winter, we have relatives in New Hampshire and plan to go there in the late Spring so perhaps we can stop by then. I hope to visit every state in the United States one of these days.

    Hi Patricia, thanks, I hope to be able to make one more trip to the coast after I get all this stuff fired and hopefully I can visit you in your studio, then were off for the big trip.

    Hi Cindy, thanks, what good advice. I can type quicker than I can write so perhaps I will start a journal on my computer. I already save articles about ceramics there so I can just add to that.

  5. Hello Linda! I really like the shape of your lidded pot – it reminds me of a Thai temple too. You are so talented at pinching pots! I have tried pinching pots a couple of times and it is not easy. Your scale vase is also very appealing and creative. Wishing you all the best in the New Year!

  6. Wow! All the pots are great but I really like that first pot. That lid is amazing.

    I understand about not having a chance to make anything with clay for a while. I try to keep my sketch book handy to sketch out new ideas when I can't get to the clay.

  7. Hi Jewels, thanks so much, after I made the lid I got to thinking about lids and how they can change the look of a pot so easily. Now I want to draw different lids on the same pot. Might be an interesting experiment to make the same pot, same size and then put different lids on it and photograph them next to one another.

    Hi John, thanks so much, I do have a sketch book and add to it each day, but it seems as the ideas start to build up in the sketch book, it feels like they want to get out of there in clay. Oh well, I am now trying to think of a way I might be able to make items in clay that don't fall over easily in the RV when we are traveling, we shall see.

  8. Linda, you can always stop by my house, I am in upstate NY, I have a big driveway to park in and a kiln if you need a "fix" maybe we could do a barrel fire, would love to have you.

  9. Hi ThoRN, thanks for the offer. I don't recognize your post name? I love barrel firings. I was half thinking of having a pit fire in the on-the-ground barbeque/campfire pit here. I have the chemicals in my car but no wood etc. wonder what the farmers around here would say if I started picking up cow patties? Ha!


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