Monday, January 25, 2010

Breaking My Own Rules

Why do I keep breaking my own rules? I said I was only going to make pots which can easily travel down the road in an RV while they're drying. So why did I make this pot late last night?

I started out with good intentions and made this small pinched bowl. It has a flat bottom and won't roll over and it's low and won't tip over.

Then I pinched this bowl shape and folded out the sides. I plan on adding a slip pattern to this one. Still OK for traveling in an RV. Very low and definitely won't tip over.

This one isn't too tall, but it could tip and the edges are thin and could easily break with the slightest bump. I better restrain myself.

This one is much better, again it's low and won't tip over and has a nice shape to it.

Oh no! What in the heck am I thinking putting that kind of handle on this vase. There's no way this handle will make it moving down the highway.

I notice some surfaces need smoothing in the photos, but they're at the point I have to wait to fix anything. The lighting in the RV isn't great, too many shadows. I feel like a race horse chomping at the bit; I'm really holding back and I don't like it. I have so many pieces in my mind which are too precarious to travel in RV in the green state.

We may have to drive straight to the East coast and set up a temporary studio for me to work so I can keep breaking my own rules. I mapped it out last night, we can make it in six days. I pick up my final cone 4 load tomorrow and Gary has a physical to keep his class A license up-to-date and then we're off. The weather even predicts clear skys. I know you may not believe me, but we will be leaving very shortly. Comments and suggestions are welcome.


  1. Sometimes I think breaking your own rules is what it's all about :) Having said that, I think it's more of a mind-set than following or breaking rules.

  2. You have to find a place to land soon if you keep making stuff in that RV! The baskets are really nice. When you gotta make stuff you gotta make stuff! What's a girl to do?

  3. this made me smile Linda! i'm the same way, breaking my own self imposed rules. although i can get away w/ it more easily not being on the road and all that LOL. ;)

  4. You're an artist and you must make what you feel. Hurry and find a kiln so you can get those beauties fired :)

  5. Break away Baby!
    and Oh no, Mr Bill!
    Packed with love and care they will make the trip!
    Come on over to the east coast the weather is getting better all the time.

  6. Hi Betsy, thanks, you are a very wise woman, I think it is definitely a mind set with me, stubborn. Ha !

    Hi Tracey, thanks, you are so right, Gary is really worried about the weight element we are carrying in the RV, trailer behind that and then in the back of my car.

  7. Hi Kim, thanks, I am my own worst enemy I think, I go off on so many different tangents with clays.

    Hi Cindy, thanks, thats what I keep telling myself till something breaks.

    Hi Meredith, thanks, Oh No Mr. Bill, ha ha, what a memory. Hopefully we have good weather all the way.

  8. I believe you. I have no reason not to! hope a party can be put together when you get here. safe travels...

  9. Sure hope your work makes it to the east coast to fire. I'm surprised the cats don't try to redecorate/rearrange your work for you -- lol.

    When I used to transport my greenware I would use dry cleaner bags -- lots to make a soft pillow - and just nestle the work. I rarely lost anything.

  10. i knew as soon as i saw the first picture which one of your rules you had broken... it will make the traveling more interesting.

  11. Hi Judy, thanks, I packed all my bags. I do have a few and some bubble wrap, I guess I'll try to do the best I can packing them up.

    Hi Jim, thanks, you know me too well, yes traveling will be interesting.

  12. The handled pots/baskets are really great. I think you just like to push the envelope... as artists we all ask ourselve, what if, and maybe this...and what rules? Watch me! LOL You crack me up Linda. Safe travels. I wish/hope you would drive through Texas. Let me know if you are gonna be within a few hours from me, I will drive over to wave at you as you go down the freeway!

  13. Hi Barbara, thanks so much. I think we are going the Southern route so I'll give you a jingle when we get close.


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