Wednesday, January 27, 2010

What's With This Pot

Is this some kind of black mold growing on my pot? Have your pots ever looked like this? Perhaps it's because I'm drying the pots in the RV cabinets. Keep reading I'm stringing you along. I know what it is, do you?

Here's one of the bowl's with underglaze painted leaves from the last firing with celadon glaze. Cone 5/6 celadon sure isn't the same as cone 10, but I do like it.

Here's one of the silly kitty plates. What do you think of that name, silly kitty. I have so many of these drawings and they are fun to put on pieces. The satin clear glaze fits like a glove with only one coat. This is the same glaze that created the moon craters on the cone 4 pieces which I hope did the same thing this time. Keep your fingers crossed on that one.

This is the large pinched casserole I did last year. The piece was rather thick, but amazingly it didn't crack. When I say thick, I am being really kind to myself. But it is a lesson in how thick the bottom of a pot can be and still not crack in the firing. Not sure I like this glaze. I think some of these cone 5/6 glazes need some texture or overlapping glazes to show variation.

The glaze on this small bowl is supposed to be melon colored. It sat next to the casserole above and the glaze from the casserole flashed on the exterior of the bowl and turned it yellow and little bumps rose up in the glaze (besides the larger bumps of my hands pinching the clay).

Gary said it should be one of the citrus series. I don't have a series. Wonder where he learned that word. Ha. I guess he is picking up something about ceramics somewhere along the way. Actually I have three series, they just aren't made yet, they're in my journal and I am doing research for them. Oh yeah, that's where Gary heard about a series I must have told him. Duh.

The underglaze on the snowflake bowl is darker than I expected; the green isn't visible any longer, but I like it. The bowl has the same satin clear glaze over the top (sorry about the flash glare).

I guess I should let you in on what's with the first pot above. I'm trying a texture experiment with coffee grounds. I rubbed coffee grounds into the pot to see what will happen. I'll probably be sorry I did this to a perfectly smooth pinch bowl, (so much smoother than the yellow bowl above), but nothing ventured nothing gained as they say. Up next my cone 4 cassius basaltic firing results, so come back soon. Comments and suggestions are welcome.


  1. We did an experiment with coffee grounds on pots in saggars as a firing effect, and they actually turned out very cool & gave great "organic" effects. Maybe you should leave the coffee in and throw that neat pot in a saggar firing!

  2. S I L L Y K I T T Y indeed! I am very interested in your satin glaze, I have just ordered some for my TV's.

  3. Hi Julia, thanks, I was thinking of a barrel firing or a saggar. I tried that before with the cone 10 clay but never cone 5/6, but what the heck it would be a fun experiment. It seems when I experiment I get some cool stuff. I am also going to try some cooked rice in a bowl too to see what that does.

    Hi Kitty, thanks, I was thinking of you when I typed silly kitty, and I also thought of miss kitty, but then I thought I might make some male cats and then I'd have to have miss kitty and mr kitty - not a bad idea, then I could have baby kitty too - kind of like the three bears but the three kitties. The satin clear is a commercial glaze. Gary keeps saying he likes shiny and I tend to like the satin or matt glazes since they don't reflect and aren't so brass looking. It is in my car next time I go out there I will look to see who makes it and let you know. I just brush it on with a small goat hair brush I got at a paint store. I do like it. I am using commercial glazes for my cone 5/6 because I don't want to mix up those since I have no room right now especially since I have all my cone 10 glazes in my car some mixed and some dry and all the other clay supplies and my kiln too, luckily I have a big SUV to hold it all.

  4. I like that bowl with the leaves. Then again I am that kind of person.
    I think the coffee grounds could be interesting... i know someone who used dog food and got the best results- all those yummy minerals made great color.

  5. Maybe when you fire the bowl Linda it will smell like French Roast! mmmm! I like your snowflakes and the silly kitty ;o)

  6. how interesting! I thought it was paper clay......

  7. Linda.. what a cool idea with the coffee grounds! Let us know what happens. Great pinch pots. Hope your travelling is going well and not encountering bad weather. T.

  8. Hi Linda, i like the plate w/ the leaves alot. the kitty plate is cute too, i find myself drawn to all the pots i'm seeing w/ cute little drawings on them. now if i could actually draw... you crack me up talking about all your glazes and kiln being in your car! your life sounds so exciting right now, i'm sure a little scary too but what an adventure!

  9. I'm partial to the leaf plate as well :) I agree that you should leave the coffee grounds in for the firing as well--should be cool.

  10. Hi Meredith, thanks, I used cat food in a barrel firing but I didn't put it in the clay just around it, we shall see how this turns out.

    Hi Cindy, thanks, it is French roast coffee and maybe it will smell like that. Actually the cabinet it's drying in smells like it's decomposing oh well we shall see.

    Hi Amy, thanks, I want to try paper clay too, but I'll wait till I don't have to move my clay pieces to try it.

    Hi Trish, thanks, it may be a while till I get this pot fired, but I will definitely post about it here.

    Hi Kim, thanks, I'm going to try more kitty plates in the future, but make the drawing more cohesive somehow, I need more practice, perhaps a border around the edge or something.

    Hi Ben, thanks, I rubbed in the coffee grounds so I can't take them out so we shall see what it does, probably make little pock marks in the surface or something.

  11. you sure had the mystery thing working, couldn't wait to get to the end and find out what was going on with the first pot. i'd leave the grounds in and see what happens.

  12. Hi Jim, thanks, I'll have to leave the grounds in, as they are kind of grounded in. Ha.

  13. Hello Linda,

    Love the bowls with the leaves and the snow crystals! And the melon color intrigues me a lot! Thanks for sharing!!

  14. Hi Sapphire, thanks so much. The melon color is a very pale green and the outside turned that yellow which looks like the surface of a lemon, very strange, too bad the surface is gritty not so appealing on a soup or tea bowl.


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