Thursday, February 11, 2010

Dream Traveling

On this trip across the country we're doing a bit dream traveling rather than real traveling. Dream traveling is where we drive by a certain area and dream of what we would do if we had unlimited time and finances. We're passing a few states by, but I have ulterior motives. We're conserving as much as we can so we can get a new home and a studio too. Travel along with us across the last three states of dream traveling.

Dream Traveling Louisiana

We pulled into a Louisiana RV park last night and I said, "Wouldn't it be fun if we hired a local person to take us up a bayou in a boat? We'd ride along and see alligators floating on the surface of the muddy water, hoping we didn't fall out of the boat or sink. We'd see unusual birds in the trees and animals crawling in the depths of the thick swampy forest. We'd dock on the banks of the river where we'd stop for dinner at a restaurant known only to locals. We'd have Cajun rice and beans and some crawdads too". Gary said, "Later there'd be folks playing Zydeco music; local musicians playing all kinds of wonderful and unusual instruments, jamming all night long".

Dream Traveling Mississippi

We entered the state of Mississippi this morning and saw magnolia trees growing wild along the highway. I said to Gary on the walkie talkie, "Look there's a Sandhill Crane National Wildlife Preserve. Wish we could stop and camp along the banks of the river. We'd walk along raised wood walkways and see the cranes up close and get some spectacular photos". Gary said, "Yeah, I remember the cranes flying over our house when we lived in Foresthill, we could hear them hooting so very high in the sky". I said, "I remember reading cranes fly higher than any other migrating bird". Gary said, "We could also take a riverboat trip down the mighty Mississippi and think about Tom Sawyer's travels along the way".

Dream Traveling Alabama

Later in the day, we were in Alabama and I remembered a trip we took to Dauphin Island in the early 1990's. I said to Gary on the walkie talkie, "Look there's the exit road to Dauphin Island. We could walk along the white sand beaches and gather sea shells. We'd see those huge live oak trees with all the Spanish moss hanging from the branches". Gary said, "We could visit Fort Gaines and walk through the ruins and think about the ships sailing in the waters and the battle's being fought so long ago".

How about you, do you do dream traveling like I do? Where does your dream traveling take you?

Hope you enjoyed our dream traveling; please come back again next week where we'll do some real traveling in the state of Florida.


  1. We do this too, only didn't have a name for it! Now we'll call it Dream Traveling!

  2. your post made me want to say..."ooh, stop and stay awhile... indulge the dream". my wish is for us all to be able to do just that!

  3. I agree with Michele, don't just dream it, do it! When we drove out to Wyoming a couple of years ago, I wanted to stop at every antique store I saw and we never stopped at one of them. I regret that now, think of the treasures I might have missed! We just all need unlimited funds to do what we dream, don't we?!

  4. Got to agree with Michele and Tracey. If I have any regrets, it is that I didn't stop whenever I wanted while traveling.
    Hope you are missing the snow that is heading for the south.
    Wouldn't want to drive on snow in that huge rig.

  5. I would dream I was sitting beside you while we traveled down the highway- I can be packed in 5 minutes.
    Pick me up!

  6. Hi Patricia, thanks, I asked Gary this last night, and he said of course others think like that everybody does. Ha.

    Hi Michele, thanks, you must have picked up the moment of the places, that's good.

    Hi Tracey, thanks, luckily I have antiques out of my system otherwise we would be even more overloaded.

    Hi Patti, thanks, no we are not driving now, it is rain here but snow is predicted. It rained all night and we are not driving with the trailer anywhere, if we have to go somewhere, we will drive my car which is 4wd, but don't want to go anywhere because other folks are not experienced driving in snow here.

    Hi Meredith, thanks, you might have to float down here in a boat to go along, it's raining cats and dogs, and snow is on it's way. but you're welcome to come along. I think one day in the future we two will go on a road trip together; I just get that feeling, might even be dream traveling.

  7. Derek and I love to have WAPS -Wild Ass Plans! We first read about the acronym in a Patagonia catalog and it fit our dream-traveling ideas perfectly. We come up with WAPS all the time, talk them through, plan, scheme, DREAM -no harm, no foul! Our latest WAP is a houseboat somewhere -the bayou would be too scary for me though!

  8. We're always dreaming of hot sandy beaches and great snorkeling - anywhere. Oh, but Paris would be great and Barcelona and . . . Isn't it great that dream travel is Free.

  9. wow, you're going to Florida! You're really covering territory. safe travels- I wonder if you were in the snowstorm. 3 or so inches here in Charlotte tonight. Fun (except if one is driving)!

  10. Jeepers, I am really behind on my responses, so sorry.

    Hi Cindy, thanks I remember your telling about the WAP before, what a hoot, dreams are wonderful.

    Hi Barbara, thanks, hot sandy beaches, love how you put that, and romantic cities too.

    Hi Amy, thanks yes we covered some ground and are now worn out, so are resting a bit.


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