Sunday, March 7, 2010

Evening Egret

This wall plaque is a silhouette of an egret with a full moon behind his head. I may add a few more filamentous feathers along the neck, back, and tail. I covered the background behind the bird with small dots of very light gray slip which don't show in the photo very well. I'm not sure if the small dots will darken after firing; I hope so. For the border I tried cross hatching with green slip numerous times and was not happy with the look so I washed it off with a sponge and added some black cross hatches and then dabbed them off with a sponge till they were almost completely gone.

This is the last of the white stoneware clay, otherwise I might have made another of these in a rectangle and a black border. In the past I never made multiples, but I can see the benefit of them now. Once I have more room I plan on making multiples which I feel would be a good exercise for improvement.

Gary had a gallbladder attack last night and didn't get any sleep. He is still in pain; might be a gallstone. We had some sweet potato french fries yesterday evening and I think the oil they were fried in may be the culprit. I've been giving him flaxseed tea and beet juice, hope it goes away soon.


  1. Yes, I hope he feels better soon!

  2. You and Spanish Studio Kitty have got a plumage thing going on here! Birds everywhere.

  3. No Fun the gall bladder. I hope he is feeling better soon.

  4. E-gads, poor Gary -that can be sooo painful! My Mom had to have hers out -her gallbladder attack was so painful she thought it was a heart attack :( she's all better now and has cooled the fried foods (somewhat!).

    On a happy note, your Egret is lovely!

  5. Gosh -- sure hope Gary is feeling better. Love the egret.

  6. Hi Amy, thanks so much, he's slowly getting better.

    Hi Tempest, thanks, Kitty and I often have parallel lives, her bird is so colorful I love it.

    Hi Connie, thanks, no, no fun at all, he is doing better.

    Hi Cindy, thanks, Gary thought that at first, but told me where the pain was and I figured it was the gallbladder, perhaps a gallstone.

    Hi Judy, thanks, he is feeling much better.


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