Tuesday, March 9, 2010

My Kind of Place

Isn't this the most beautiful shimmery, pebbly surface you have ever seen? Such wonderful mother of pearl colors reflecting the light. I just love it. How in the world can I recreate this in clay. The raised pebbles are so luscious.

Today we were driving around looking for a public restroom. I knew we'd find one at a fast food restaurant, so we stopped at McD's. As I was leaving the restroom I noticed some interesting interior features. I was impressed enough to get my camera and take some photos. McD's is my kind of place, yes, indeed-ee.

I'm sure everyone eating their breakfast was wondering why I was taking photos inside a McD's. But look at the surface of this water feature which was located there. Isn't it wonderful? There were two columns of Plexiglas flanking the pebbles with water bubbling up through them.

When I got home I realized I was out of white stoneware and the effect on red clay wouldn't be quite the same. But I thought enough of the pebbly surface to try it with the red clay. My piece has a different surface, but I like it. If I had had some shellac I could have painted the pebbles and then wiped the surface away to raise them. Perhaps I could have used wax. Instead I cut out pieces of clay and rolled them into a slab and kept adding more and more. Hope they hold together. Thinking of how to achieve the surface reminded me of how Jim Gottuso makes such beautiful surfaces on his pots.

Up next, no there won't be any golden arches, but wait a minute, arches would be a wonderful sculpture wouldn't they? How about you, have you ever been inspired by an unusual location or something unlikely? Comments and suggestions are welcome.


  1. I think the surface is great- and some golden arches would make this look like a basket!

  2. I agree. But not toooo golden as gold tends to devour a room. Why not the reverse, shimmer in a deep green, with a deeper green handle? Would allow the contents to please decorator's whim.

  3. Hi Meredith, thanks, I am trying to avoid handles for now since they are more diffcult to transport.

    Hi Kitty, thanks, yes I think green would be better than golden. Some of the Florida colors appeal to me, mint greens, pale coral and pale blues.

  4. Interesting how much McDonald's can vary from place to place. When we went to Japan, there was a McDonald's with an open-air patio in front and a girl playing a white piano. It was so weird.

  5. Hi Patricia, thanks, yes, it is interesting. I think years ago I took my mom to the ballet in SF and there was a McDonalds nearby and I seem to remember it having a different decor than others I had been in.

  6. i think your solution worked out fine and i think since it mostly small circular stones that either wax or shellac would work. thanks for mentioning me on your blog. you know, you could just roll out some slabs and stop into mcdonald's and press the slabs against the surface while you're there. if the breakfast eating public was curious before about you taking pictures, imagine their reaction to that... hey, maybe one of them would become interested in ceramics?

  7. Hi Jim, thanks, you have the perfect solution, that would really be something to bring in a slab of clay, lay it against the surface, like I was supposed to be there. I just might do it. By the time they figured out what I was doing I would be long gone. I've found when I'm working in clay folks are always interested; they always want to get their hands a little dirty.


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