Monday, March 8, 2010

Six Wheels

I cut out six circles of clay and used a can of blueberries for my template. I make use of whatever the RV cabinets hold for tools. I pressed indentations into each circle, then cut out a cross in the centers, and triangular holes surrounding the cross. I let the circles stiffen a bit, and assembled them so they're just touching. They look a bit like rough hewn wheels, six wheels joined together. The wheel seems simple but it was a very significant discovery for mankind. I'll be coming back to the wheel in the near future.

I plan to explore more cut out pieces, perhaps squares. Squares have more surface to adhere the edges. Maybe I can do some triangles; perhaps I'll attempt more than six sides. The possibilities are endless. I briefly thought of this piece as a votive if I'd left the top removable. But I wanted this to be a closed piece, something containing space or thoughts, whatever one would like. I might think about making a votive in the future.

Gary's feeling much better, thank goodness. I'm researching the foods to avoid which irritate the gallbladder, mostly fatty foods, but there are a few others too. He may have to have his gallbladder out eventually. Hopefully we can find a home base before then. Comments and suggestions are welcome.


  1. Votive would look great in there. Neat design.
    I suffered with chronic gall bladder for 10 years, they kept saying an ulcer. What a relief to lose that sucker.
    Hope he is better soon.

  2. I love the idea of a container to hold our thoughts. The openings in the container would just allow them to flow as they will. I also like the circles making the box and how precarious they appear. As you can tell, I really like this piece.
    I wish I could offer some advice besides stay away from fried and fatty foods for Gary's gall bladder. I do know quite a few people who have had it removed and they are enjoying life without it.

  3. Thanks for your comments. We're doing a barrel firing this weekend, plus raku... plus a gas kiln firing-- all in two days and how fun it would be to have you join in and be a part! Hoping you are still coming to Charlotte at some point. peace!

  4. Hi Patti, thanks, I may make a votive or two I love how they make a pattern on the wall with a candle inside and the lights off. We're trying to avoid surgery at this point if we can so we can get a home, hopefully it will work.

    Hi Lori, thanks so much, I didn't think of the thoughts contained and yet flowing till after I made the piece, sometimes clay exudes its on thoughts on itself. Hopefully he can avoid those foods and do ok for now, we shall see. Our insurance has a high deductible so surgery cost would all be ours till Gary gets a job with benefits.

    Hi Amy, thanks, I so sorely wish I was able to come up there now, but we must get a home before our money runs out and with the prospect of Gary's gallbladder that's probably best to have a home and then travel up there. It is very harrowing for Gary pulling that over weight toy hauler behind our motorhome which is already heavy and the icy cold weather would have been too dangerous, once the cold is gone we can come up there, I hope we find a place soon so we can make plans to travel up there.


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