Friday, April 23, 2010

Duty and Desire

Clay cravings appear out of no where and I am constantly pulled between duty and desire. Duty has been pushed to the forefront so I can organize my studio and satisfy my desire for clay. This week I got a few steps closer to my goal.

I looked at several used kilns, including an Olympic gas kiln, but have ruled them all out. I was happy to be given information about the gas kiln by Tracey Broome, thanks Tracey. Today I talked to Joan at Bennett's Pottery and Judy Shreve, thanks Judy, had referred me there. I am looking at a square L&L kiln. Since I make mostly one off pieces and handbuilt ceramics and I have a bad back I thought a square kiln would be easier for me to load.

I found out about a pottery class at the local community college so I decided to stop in and see what was going on. I met the instructor and all the students and, surprise, I signed up for the next six weeks. The class rotate every four weeks, but there are no classes after May until the end of August, so I figured I could handlea few weeks before summer. The class works with mid fire clay and raku. I think I'm in for a real treat as I have always wanted to try raku. I picked up 25 pounds of Laguna Frost clay which I am trying now.

I have been researching cabinets for my studio and the cost of anything nowadays is unbelieveable. I decided to watch the ads for some used cabinets and even put an wanted ad locally. Today I found an ad for a complete kitchen full of cabinets, uppers and lowers and counters, being taken out. I rushed right over there and paid for them. They are taking them out on Sunday and we'll pick them up and bring them home then.

When we went to pay for the used kitchen cabinets, all the while I was telling Gary what a good deal they were. Gary said, "You don't have to convince me about the cabinets, it's the kiln you need to concentrate on convincing me on". Ha! I haven't told Gary about duty and desire yet, but come to think about it, he probably already knows. Comments and suggestions are welcome.


  1. We have 2 L & L kilns at LibertyTown and I wouldn't buy any other. And my electrician agrees. A great kiln and a company that stands behind its product. A good choice!

  2. linday you are one of the more resourceful people i know of! wish i could find deals like you seem to lol. you'll probably stumble across the perfect kiln for next to nothing (hope so anyway). the cabinets will look great in the studio. i'm jealous - i'm stuck w/ open shelving but it gets the job done just fine.

    i saw you asking about dark brown clay on dirtkicker's blog, i used to buy standard clay when i lived in VA, they had a dark brown clay like that, i only used a box of it but from what i remember i liked it fine.

  3. Congrats on finding the cabinets. I am sure they will work much better than my current system (placing things randomly around the studio, hoping I will be able to find them when I need them).

  4. The cabinets look great! Best of luck with the kiln, with all your research I am sure something good will come along. I'm glad you have found some classes locally, it will be nice for you to meet up with a bunch of people with similar interests, and the raku firing should be fun!

  5. Raku! wow... would love to see the pics from your raku class when that time comes. Good luck on convincing Gary. Can't imagine life without pottery, right? :)

  6. The classes sound great and will help with meeting locals with the same interest. You are doing such a great job settling in.

  7. SCORE on the cabinetry!! Sounds like you are going to fit right in within your new community -so glad you signed up for the classes. Being around new artists will probably really get your imagination FIRED up -can't wait to see what you create NEXT!! ;o)

  8. Wow Linda! You really know how to make things happen :)
    I think you are going to love your Raku class. I'm doing Raku this summer too.
    The cabinets are a totally awesome find. Good bargin shopping.
    Laguna Frost. I've been working with it for a few months now. It must dry very slow or it will crack like crazy. If you bisque it past ^05 it may not accept glaze well. One last thing, use a good stable glaze, cause runny glaze runs like crazy on Frost.
    :) Cindy

  9. Hi Dan, thanks for the input on the L&L, I appreciate knowing you like yours and that your electrician thinks they are good too, safety is definitely important.

    Hi Kim, thanks, necessity is the mother of invention on the bargain hunting that's for sure. After I posted this I talked to Joan at Bennett's Pottery again and apparently she can get me any clay that Laguna makes even some from the West Coast, so I am a happy camper.

    Hi Rob, thanks, that's how I had my last studio was kind of random and since we had limited space I had to sell or give away some storage from the last place. this time I am trying to be more organized as I really do feel more productive if I am better organized. Keep checking ads you never know what you will find for sale, I am still in shock that I am getting all these cabinets for such a good price.

    Hi Peter, thanks, I am so glad the class is close by and I am meeting like minded people so quickly, I am feeling good about this location.

    Hi Amy, thanks, I hope they do some raku before the end of the class at the end of May. They had two kilns firing when I got there this week. No I can't imagine life without clay that's for sure.

    Hi Patti, thanks, I am surprised at how quickly things are happening, but perhaps it has to do with age, time is going so much more quickly nowadays.

    Hi Cindy, thanks, I am so glad I decided to check on the classes before the summer doldrums around here; at least I'll know some folks who like clay and we can all share.

    Hi Cindy, thanks, I hope I can get something bisqued and dry before class ends, perhaps one of the pieces I already have made? Um I'll have to think about what I can put in that type of firing. I appreciate your information on Frost clay so much I will keep an eye on the pieces I have drying and remember about the glazes running. It is silky smooth so I am not surprised the glaze might run on it.

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