Friday, April 2, 2010

Moving Greenware

My car is loaded with the greenware I've made over the past two months in the RV. It may not look like much, but all of it had to fit in the RV cabinets while we were traveling down the road. I had to dry each piece when we were stopped and then pack it to travel down the road when we moved to the next location. I also had to keep it all out of reach of our three cats and still leave room for our clothes and food, etc. So I was only able to make one of a kind pieces rather than multiples, so I'd still have room to make more.

We bought a house in Lecanto in Citrus County which has the second highest point in Florida. Our particular elevation is 92 feet. We've driven from sea to shining sea, the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic Ocean over 2600 miles looking for a new place to live. Now we live between the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean.

This part of Florida has never been hit be a hurricane, knock on wood. Someone told us it was something about the temperature of the gulf waters, but at least we are on high ground. We're about 15 miles from the Gulf of Mexico near Crystal River which is home to the endangered manatee; and we're about 118 miles from the ocean in Titusville, close to the astronaut hall of fame.

Unfortunately we have to do quite a bit of remodeling, but we got what we could afford, so our work is cut out for us. But I told Gary this morning, no matter how much work we have to do we must go some place at least every week to take advantage of all the recreation this areas has to offer. We plan on going to the Crystal Springs Preserve this week. So stay tuned for an upcoming post about that.

Gary still has to go back to California and drive our "treasure bus" back here. Click on the link to read how we are moving on a shoestring. The "treasure bus" has most of our belongings and furniture. So we're here with a skeleton amount of household items. Luckily I packed most of my ceramic supplies in my car which we just unloaded into the house yesterday.

Last night I moved the greenware in the house and everything made it except the Thousand Arms is missing a few arms now. Next week I'll be ready to set up a makeshift studio quickly, until Gary comes back with the shelving. I do have a couple of tables to work on and my old Skutt kiln. Four neighbors have already come by to say hi and welcome us, we have a really good feeling about moving here. Check back again real soon for more about our new home and studio plans. Comments and suggestions are welcome.


  1. Oh Happy Day!
    Now I want to see pictures of everything !
    Best of luck getting things moved and settling in.
    What a great way to really start spring.
    Cheers Linda!

  2. congratulations on finding a new home...what an adventure you have had!

  3. congrats on settling on a place. my mom and sis live on the other side of florida in ft. pierce where most of the hurricanes come through. i didn't realize that florida had anywhere that was 92 feet above sea level. i've often wondered when looking at maps why the area north and a bit west of you is completely undeveloped

  4. Well done on finding a new home. You are of course completely barking mad trying to move green ware you know!

  5. Congratulations! One journey ends, another begins! And I know the area where you bought (parents had friends who lived in the area) made a super choice!!! Happy Easter!

  6. Hi Meredith, thanks, we have quite a bit of work to do, so you'll see some before and after photos. Spring is sprung here, it's in the 80's this week.

    Hi Michele, thanks, yes it has been an adventure and continues to be so too.

    Hi Jim, thanks, when you go to visit them you can come over here too, it's not that far. The area west and north of us is the national forest. Florida has more trees than I ever realized. I think the highest point in Florida is 131 feet and this county has the second highest at 115 or something.

    Hi Kitty, thanks, yes I am mad for more reasons than that. All made it though; you should have seen when we sold our home in California I drove around with greenware on ware boards on top of all my boxes in my car for two weeks and nothing broke - so why is it when I am super careful in the studio, the one piece I don't want to break always breaks?

    Hi Kittie, thanks, we did a little research and heard good things about this area, so far all is good, we may be singing a different tune during summer, we shall see. That will probably be the time I hibernate inside and make lots of ceramics Ha! Happy Easter to you too.


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