Friday, May 7, 2010

Flowers and Fish

Flowers and fish are both abundant in Florida, so I was inspired to make this large (l x 16.5 x 12 inch) fish platter. I placed a slab of frost porcelain in a slump mold. I planned to mix up a fresh batch of blue, green, and black frost slip, but couldn't find those mason stains either. I know I had those three mason stains in the RV. All my recent slip work is blue, green or black since I couldn't find the other colors of mason stains I ordered before we left California.

I'm ordering more mason stains today; I have so many pieces I want to make with so many different colors. For this fish platter I used slip I made over a year ago from B-Mix. I hope B-mix slip is compatible with the frost porcelain. I plan to darken the black outlines on the fish when the slip dries a bit.

I made this large (4 x 13 inch) textured bowl in class. The rolling pins there are made of wood and slivers come out in the clay, not to mention I have to clean it every time I use it, before and after. I always put it back clean, but no one else seems to clean it. I purchased a fiberglass rolling pin while I was traveling in the RV and I've been spoiled using that one.

I really need to get all the boxes off the top of the slab roller so I can use it. Oh no, I just realized the boxes Gary stacked on the roller may crease the canvas. We keep moving things from room to room trying to do painting and repairs. I feel like I'm going around in circles and not getting anywhere with this home remodel.

I can't wait to get more mason stains since I'm really inspired to make flowers and fish decorations right now. Here's a white giant bird of paradise and an orange crane flower or bird of paradise flowers.

Lavender blue jacaranda trees are in bloom now too. What a tropical paradise it is here.

Today I'm taking my greenware to be fired. I hope to get some bisque back by next week and hopefully put a piece or two in a raku firing. Nothing like the possibility of a raku firing to motivate me. Comments and suggestions are welcome.


  1. I am seeing more and more Florida showing up in your work. I love your fish! Even the bowl reminds me of a coral reef. If it wasn't intended that way maybe it is your subconscious at work.

  2. love the fish platter!!!

  3. Better say nothing than nothing to the purpose. ........................................

  4. Hi Paula, thanks, I am really getting the tropical feel here, that's for sure.

    Hi Kim, thanks, I just finished re-outlining the black slip and the platter looks much better.

    Hi 蘇pet0701em_halvorsen, thanks, perhaps I am saying too much?

  5. Linda- you never say too much!
    Love the new work and like you know- teaching students to clean is important!
    I love the blooming flowers and trees and can't wait to see more.


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