Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Four of a Kind

Several years ago I made leaf plates like the ones above. I think these were hollyhock leaves. People told me they used my leaf plates for salad plates or soap dishes. One woman bought a set of four to give individually as spoon rests. This photo was taken eons ago; I've got to get my light box set up and practice my photography skills, since I'll be picking up some of my fired work tomorrow.

Since my leaf plates are so useful, I made a few yesterday, but three not four. These are small enough to be used as a spoon rest, candle holder, or could be used for a bar of soap. I noticed the native sycamore leaves in Florida are much different than the ones in California. The leaves have more points and the points are sharper, maybe a little too sharp. I've got some cleaning up to do on these.

I'm not up to Micheal Kline's 12 X Noon challenge yet, but I made four small poppy bowls today to go with a large poppy serving bowl I made a couple of weeks ago. I cut out the shape, draw the poppy, and paint the flower with colored slips. I let them dry a bit and then drape them over a form and attach the foot. The first two became almost too dry to drape while I was painting the second two bowls. I had the fan on above me which makes the clay dry more quickly. My name is on all my ware boards so if I work in another studio I know which ones are mine. One can never have too many ware boards.

I'd have to be very organized to make twelve of one item. Perhaps if I used my slab roller. I only have so many hump and slump forms though. I know I could make twelve leaf plates, probably twelve draped bowls, but I don't know about twelve handbuilt vases, but maybe. Something to strive for. Gary's almost to Louisiana today. Comments and suggestions are welcome.


  1. Love the bowls Linda!
    Working in sets helps me wort things out when I am working on a new shape.
    It gives me more choices for glazes.

  2. Been such a while since I visited you! I have to catch up on all the stuff you've made. I love the set of poppy bowls, and I read the story about the blue poppy. Love that round bowl with the curly edges. Blue flowers are some of my favorites in nature.

  3. Another post I seem to have missed responding to, I know I respond to every post, what is happening wiht blogger anyway, thanks Meredith and Barbara.


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