Saturday, May 22, 2010

Kiln On Order and Tiki Two

My kiln is on order. I'm decided on a Skutt 1218. It's the newest in their line, is an oval shape that's 28 inches wide and 18 inches deep. This size should be easier for me to load with my bad back. If I make something taller than 18 inches I can always get someone else to fire it for me. Taller than 18 inches, who am I kidding. I shouldn't have said that, now I'll probably have to challenge myself to make something really tall.

Remember the first tiki I made? Above is Tiki Two, which is about 11 x 5 inches and has a removable lid. Our house remodel is costing more than we expected plus other things too. Isn't that always the way it goes. I am now trying to decide if I should put the kiln inside the garage or build a little lean to outside the garage. If I put it in the garage it will be less expensive than building a lean to, but then there is the build up of heat in summer and safety issue of having the kiln in the garage. Everything in Florida must be anchored to the ground and engineered due to hurricane potential so there's that to consider which adds to cost.

I got more mason stains because I never did find the other colors. I did find the blue, green and black stains. Now that I've read Tracey Broome's latest post, I really must make some test tiles. Tracey has inspired me to get more organized with my glaze and stain experiments. Since I wrote it down here, you'll be expecting to see the test tiles which will be an added impetus for me to get it done. I did have those ornaments I was going to use as test tiles, but I used some of them in that raku firing.

Well back to work, the vinyl we removed has left a rubbery paper backing stuck to the floor and we have to chip a little away at a time. I saw we, but actually Gary is doing most of the work. The entry tile left all the thinset and Gary has been air chiseling it out a bit at a time. We decided to have tile put in and we need a good base to lay the tile. If you have any hints on how to make these jobs easier please let me know. Comments and suggestions are welcome.


  1. That tiki has personality and great colors.

    Ah, the rubber papery backing - I removed some old linoleum from a bathroom a couple of years ago and it was a maddeningly tedious job until I tried soaking small areas of the floor with water, letting it sit for awhile and then I could scrape it off fairly easily. If yours is the same kind it could help. good luck.


  2. A khiln thats open in the front would be good for your back.... :O)!
    I have one and I love it.

  3. Hi linda- I have a kiln that size i bought for tiles and handbuilding. I love it. Easy to fill, but holds plenty of work- easier to load.
    Good luck with the house and I would check with your insurance to see if they cover the kiln. They may want to see you move it outside.

  4. Hi Barbara, thanks, those are the slips I could find and some red clay I used for the tiki. Thanks so much for the tip on water. We got some stuff to pour on, but it looks pretty toxic and we would much rather use water. We will try that today.

    Hi Linda, thanks, I really wanted a front loading kiln but they were too expensive for me to afford unfortunately. I looked for a used one but have never seen one. If this kiln is too low for me I will put it up on blocks to make it slightly higher.

    Hi Meredith, thanks, I meant to link to Kari's post about insurance but forgot till I pressed publish. Gary really wants it outside in a separate area and it is really hot here in the summer which would add to our cost in radiated heat from the garage. We have threw weeks to figure something out.

  5. Love the Tiki!

    Renovations always seem to take longer & cost more than you expected. The water idea seems like a good one -- I wonder if the water was hot if it would work better -- like removing old wallpaper???

    Yes, I would definitely check with your homeowners insurance about kiln placement.

  6. Think Gary has the right idea. Love Florida but the summer heat is in a class by itself.
    So glad you will be getting your own kiln. Know that is making you happy.
    Adore that Tiki.

  7. Hi Judy, thanks, hot water what good idea, we'll try that too. We are going to check with the insurance company next week.

    Hi Patti, thanks, yes the heat is starting to set in; morning and evening is the only time to work outside that's for sure. Glad you like the tiki, probably more to come since each one needs a friend.

  8. hey linda, if you want to put your kiln in the garage check into a kiln vent. i know it helps w/ the fumes, i'm thinking it'd help w/ the heat too. you can buy one for about $400 (ouch!), but i've found directions to make them for next to nothing. (can send the links if you'd like) my kiln is in the garage which has been outfitted into my new stuido. i'm getting my hubby to build the kiln vent for me so i can work out there when it's firing. :)

  9. I LOVE your Tiki!! Do I see a set of Tiki Tumblers in your future -would be great to sip cool beverages by the pool :o) Congrats on the kiln -yaaaay!

  10. Hi Kim, thanks, we're still thinking on where we'll put the kiln. We have one of those garages with a full screen across it and we have a big fan so I'll run that if I have the kiln on. I work in the house so I won't be in the garage when it's firing.

    Hi Cindy, thanks, I just might make some tumblers out of this new stoneware I just got. This kiln is an oval one I know you were thinking of an oval one for your work. I hope it isn't too small but I guess I can fire more often.


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