Wednesday, June 23, 2010

An Arm and A Leg

There's giant grasshoppers in Florida. We saw some of the same type when we lived In Arkansas. There are a few arms and legs helping us with our home remodel. I couldn't help but think this grasshopper wanted to help out too.

Gary was pressure washing in preparation of painting the outside of our home. I kept snapping photos and every time the flash went off he stopped and looked around. Finally he saw it was my camera making the flashes of light. We both got a laugh out of that.

Here's a shot of our entry tile laid out to see what the hopscotch pattern would look like. Sometimes it's better to do a dry run before laying the tile in thinset. I guess test tiles in ceramics are dry runs of a kind.

Cindy Shake wanted a photo of the pool. I think she was hoping for a shot of Gary and I actually in the pool. We plan to have a BBQ for the tile guys in a couple of weeks. Hopefully we'll have a few action shots then.

No pottery making happened today, I spent too much time running to get this and that for laying the tile. But the evening is young and Gary has brought me another box of supplies from the bus. I thought I had all my supplies in my car. I can't believe how much stuff I have; what a thrift store junkie I am. Wonder what ideas I can drum up tonight. Comments and suggestions are welcome.


  1. The entry is going to look really nice. And what a great pool you have.You will really enjoy that this summer.

  2. with the high temps around here, I am very jealous of that pool!!

  3. i grew up in TX, when i was a kid i remember riding my bike at a relatives ranch. the wind was blowing and i was flying and i got hit in the chest by a gigantic grasshopper like the one pictured. it left an almost perfect red mark on me. biggest darn grasshhopper i ever did see!
    tiles look great and i'm totally jealous of that pool! i grew up w/ one of those in my backyard too, unfortunately they're not really practical in montana...

  4. Hi Tinkerfeet, thanks, yes it's nice to have a cook dip when worn out from the heat.

    Hi Tracey, thanks, we're really happy to be able to just step out the door and swim, what a luxury we have in the pool.

    Hi Kim, thanks, that story is a hoot now, but I am sure it wasn't when the grasshopper hit you in the chest, ugh. Bet you have some cool mountain streams to swim in around there somewhere. Gary and I have always done that in previous locations we lived; first time we've ever had a pool and we're enjoying it for sure.

  5. he is big and would catch some good fish!
    Or eat all your garden...
    Your place is really coming together!

  6. When I was a kid in Florida, those monster grasshoppers got so plentiful one year that my parents gave us kids a penny for each 20 we bagged. It was almost biblical. We made good money for the times.
    Pool looks MARVELOUS.

  7. Hi Meredith, thanks, I changed the pattern for the entry to using 18 inch tile instead, thought that one was too busy. Something has been eating my two tomato leaves, maybe it's grasshoppers, never thought of that; I was just looking for those ugly horn worms.

    Hi Patti, thanks, what a hoot, collecting grasshoppers, those aren't easy to catch. when we lived in Southern California my mom gave us 25 cents for every jar of snails we got out of our orchard of avocados and citrus, we made quite a bit of money, much like you. too bad we didn't harvest them for escargot we could have made double money.

  8. That big grasshopper freaks me out. My pests this summer have been scorpions and rattle snakes.
    That pool looks so wonderful. It looks like it might be screened in? Sweet!

  9. Looks like you're all set for a fun summer. I like the hopscotch pattern and the screened in pool is fab! I'm an ex-thrift store junkie, just ran out of room to store it all and had to stop. lol Have a great weekend!

  10. Hi Cindy, thanks, we think we heard a rattlesnake outside the window this evening. Nothing to mess with for sure, hope you are careful. The pool is screened in, lots of them in Florida are, we had never seen that before, and the garage has a screen too. Very convenient.

    Hi Marguerite, thanks we are trying to have a little fun along with all the work we have to do since we didn't do that in our last place. We are happy to have the screened pool. I still go to thrift stores, but curb myself much better than I used to.


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