Thursday, June 17, 2010

Nicholas Di Mona, Woodturner

Gary and I were delighted to be invited to the studio of master wood turner Nicholas Di Mona for a demonstration. We also were thrilled to take a tour of his home to see his personal collection of bowls, boxes, vases, and other pieces turned from every conceivable type of wood. In addition to wood turning Nicholas is also a very skilled wood carver.

Nicholas is a member of the Nature Coast Carving and a member of the Hands On Woodturners. In addition to being a prolific wood turner, Nicholas gives wood turning and wood carving lessons.

Everywhere we looked in Nicholas' home we saw beautiful examples of his carving and wood turning. I wasn't surprised to learn Nicholas makes many of his own tools for wood turning and carving.

We stood in the studio and were amazed to see Nicholas turn a block of wood into a beautiful bowl in less than an hour's time. Nicholas said when he's turning he lets the wood tell him what it wants to be. He said the grain, knots, and fissures in the wood often dictate what shape the piece will become as he turns it.

When we were leaving Nicholas gave us the cedar bowl he just turned. Thanks, Nicholas, for the tour, the demonstration, and the beautiful bowl. Comments and suggestions are welcome.

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