Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Glass Inspiration

When we moved into our home there were several glass pieces left in the kitchen cabinets. I've been admiring them, thinking they're great inspiration for ceramics pieces. There's stemware, a pitcher, a butter dish, several bowls, a cake plate and others.

I'll bet there's some nice stemware to be seen in your parent's, grandparent's, or neighbor's china cabinet. Just think of all the different styles of cordial, martini, margarita, shot, champagne, and wine glasses there must be.

I don't collect antique glass, but used to dabble in antique furniture. Now I remember all those shelves lined with different colored glass, what a resource for inspiration those would be, for shape and color.

The nice thing about some of these pieces are they are not only pretty to look at but the cut glass and decoration on the outside makes them safer to pick up without dropping them, something for the hand to grasp. I'll bet there are hundreds of pitcher shapes in the world.

There's also the creative use of handles to take note of. I like the fan shape on this butter or condiment tray. Just think of all the types of plates there must be. It boggles the mind when thinking of all the functional shapes that are possible.

What about the variety of bowls. There's ice cream, cereal, salad, serving, soup bowls and so many more.

I made the mini goblet above while traveling in the motorhome. It's an experiment in size, shape and glaze. It has a coil stem and pinched top and is a mere 3.75 inches tall, the bowl being 2.5 inches at the widest. Wonder if it will contain even an ounce. Might be good for a wine tasting event or an elegant shot glass.

As I looked at the glass I have and the goblets I've made I started thinking of Jim's blog where he talked about making chalices, and Michele remarking about the glassware left here by the previous owner. So many choices of what to make and so little time. Comments and suggestions are welcome.


  1. hey Linda- I am not the only one up in the wee hours!
    I love glass ware as well- do you know why they left the glassware? I have some wonderful goblets with square bases- I might need to go look at them.
    I have some martin looking clay goblets that I love to serve shrimp cocktail or a dessert from.
    So useful for things besides booze!
    I am taking it easy but I don't like it!

  2. Square bases, those sound intriguing. Goblets with shrimp cocktail good idea and dessert looks so much better in an elegant container; and a clay container can be cooled off in the freezer or frig to keep the item that much coldeer. yeah it's tougher to lie around for sure.

  3. Oh the probably left the glassware because they sent movers to pack the stuff up and these were the odd pieces without matches. The butter dish was left behind the toilet to catch a couple of drips - Ha. I forgot about that till now, and the amber sugar bowl was at the back of a cabinet, it is cut glass on the outside and really quite nice, I am sure collectible, if not antique.

  4. Beautiful glassware & certainly inspirational for some clay pieces -- perhaps those pieces were left just for that purpose -- I love it when the inspiration comes from the least likely source. Your previous owners probably didn't realize what great resources they left behind for you. :>))

  5. The glass is wonderful, inspiration for design, slump molds, texture...the list goes on as far as your creativity will take it.
    Your little goblet is very cute, I'm thinking about how well it would hold some Lemoncello.

  6. Hi Judy, thanks, yes, no matter where we look seems like there is something we can use in clay.

    Hi Lori, thanks, yes, I see inspiration in all the glass lines, designs, shapes, lemoncello, hem never heard of it sounds good though, will have to read up about it.

  7. That pitcher looks like something I'd like to make... Ymmmm... Maybe your goblet would be a great way to enjoy sorbet too. You could walk around with it at a party and eat sorbet. I think I'm hungry...


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