Saturday, July 17, 2010

Glaze Today, Play Tomorrow

Did some glazing today. Most of it was clear over slip work, but I had a couple of sushi plates I thought I'd try something different. I decided to make a pattern with painter's tape.

I applied the painter's tape to block out the contrasting design. Then I applied the background glaze. When the glaze dried I removed the painters tape. Next I applied the contrasting glaze to the plate surface I blocked out by the painter's tape.

Then I very carefully brushed on the contrasting glaze. I'm curious to see what happens with this technique. What about you, do you have any unique glazing techniques you use?

I did make up a few test tiles and wrote the name of the glazes on the back of the tiles. I overlapped the glazes in the middle, but most of the overlaps don't look that much different than the original glaze. Off to play tomorrow, comments and suggestions are welcome.


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  3. Linda I like the test tiles. I made some round raku test tiles like those but haven't had time to fire them. are those your glazes or ones at the studio you go to? nice colors

  4. thoughtful post about glazing.
    Some times it is so routine and other times it is time to play.

  5. you know, I think it amazing what one can do with glazes. I never really got them down when I did ceramics--a true science combined with artistic interpretation. Looks like you have it down though! good to see you back on the old blog, btw. :)

  6. Hi Tracey, thanks, I made those test tiles out of some left over clay and coincidentally they turned out one large one a little smaller, and so on, then I just went with it. The glazes are some that I had in California when I was traveling in the RV and a few that I had in my packing that I never tried, they are from Laguna and Amaco. I've really got to use these up before I start mixing glazes and I have so much work piled up I need to get firing and glazing then see how things go.

    Hi Meredith, thanks, it seems when it comes to glazing in the past I was always in a rush and now I am trying to do a little planning beforehand. We shall see how it all turns out.

  7. Hi Mmm, thanks, not sure I really have it down, but I am trying to improve. I am always amazed at al that ceramics encompasses.


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