Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Making A Shell Basket

Here I sit late into the night, well morning, trying to decide whether to put feet or a handle on a shell basket I just made. I was inspired to make the basket after I unwrapped a scallop shell I purchased in a shell shop. I bought this shell before we went scallop diving a few weeks ago. I just love shells and the shape, texture, and color of this scallop shell really appeals to me.

Betty's watching me while I decide whether to put feet on the basket. I used the sculpture clay and made this basket which is fairly large measuring 9.5 by 11 by 8.5 inches.

Butter is wondering what I am doing and tries to distract me from working so intently.

I get the basket up on a couple of two by fours to see what the feet will look like.

I attach the feet and then realize I better keep the basket on the two by fours because the feet will probably collapse if I don't. I'm wondering if four feet are enough for the size of the basket.

I wonder if I should add a handle. No, I think the basket will look nice without a handle obstructing the inside. I envision a dried floral arrangement in the basket with shells, sea grass and other seashore related items. Time to make a blog post and then catch a few hours of sleep. Comments, suggestions, and questions are welcome.


  1. Love your studio assistants, Betty and Butter

  2. good idea with dealing with the feet!

  3. Lovely design. I once had a cat named Betty. She came with the farmhouse in Ansel I had, many years ago. Looks like you have two fine studio companions. Up late, your cats keeping you company. Sounds like a nice night.

  4. Really like the shell design.
    The cats seem glad someone is up to entertain them in the dark of night.

  5. very Art Nouveau in style! the feet are perfect for this form.

  6. I can't believe I didn't respond to comments on this post; I must have and it must have disappeared.

    Hi May, thanks for stopping by.

    Hi Meredith, thanks, hope the feet are strong enough to hold the size up.

    Hi Teresa, thanks, Betty is almost ten years old but she is always up like a night owl and also an early morning riser like me. If I hear a noise in the house, I just have to call Betty, because it's sure to be her.

    Hi Patti, thanks so much. Yes the cats are glad to be around when I am up and visa versa.

    Hi Linda, thanks for your encouragement and for visiting my blog.

    Hi Patricia, thanks ever so much.


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