Saturday, July 3, 2010

Slip Deco

I've been working on a few slip decorated plates and platters the last few days. Kids would love the different colored plates, each one could have a different color plate; the two pinks are actually crimson and lavender, hope they fire with a different hue.

My EZ cube photo tent should be here next week and the trucking company called to say the corelite shelves will be delivered on Tuesday. Can't wait to do some firing.

Hope you're enjoying the holiday weekend. More next week.


  1. Hello Linda

    All of your slip deco pieces are really lovely! Love the four plates in a variety of colors!! I always love a butterfly motif and the butterfly platter is my favorite! Looking forward to the completion of them very much!

  2. Linda, these are really pretty, I love the willow bench in the last photo! You should follow this some more and see where it goes!

  3. Linda! Those are great- I can't wait to see them fired.
    Love the butterflies.

  4. love those plates on top!

  5. Linda, I love hearing the enthusiasm in your "voice," your passion for what you do, as you describe what you're working on and the designs that interest you. It's inspiring.

  6. the butterfly tray is a beauty!
    cant' wait to see new pics taken with your "cube"... i have often thought about getting one to take quick photos. it's such a hassle to roll out paper and all the jazz that goes along with it.

  7. The plates are great, I like how the first ones are very similar yet still unique. I was just watching fireworks and think that some of those flowers resemble fireworks, or the fireworks resemble some flowers...anyway, kids should love them.

  8. Hi Linda, The plates are just beautiful. I love the bench garden plate. How fun!
    :) Cindy

  9. These plates are great Linda, your slip work is very crisp and the colours are great, I look forward to seeing them out of the kiln.

  10. Thanks for dropping by. Your new pieces are wonderful!!!!!!!! I'm glad the crazy pot inspired you, and I don't mean the kind you smoke.

  11. Hi Sapphire, thanks so much; I hope they do well with the clear glaze, that is the only question.

    Hi Tracey, thanks so much; I really enjoy painting on the plates and platters. I hope to make some tumblers and vases too.

    Hi Meredith, thanks, I hope the clear glaze doesn't cloud up. I better do some testing. This is laguna terra cotta cone 6 clay a new one for me.

    Hi Kim, thanks, I waver back and forth between realistic and geometric style, I like both of them; how can I choose one over the other.

    Hi Teresa, thanks, I am kind of an all or nothing type of person, I'm happy I have clay and that I like it as much as I liked landscaping for so many years.

    Hi Judy, thanks, I like you hope I can get a clear glaze that doesn't cloud, I better do some testing beforehand.

    Hi Michele, thanks, it is too rainy and windy out here to take photos outside and hot too so I decided to bite the bullet and get a cube, we shall see; I really need some better photos of my work.

    Hi Lori, thanks, I am hoping these and previous slip deco ones turn out and I can make a series and start selling some of them as sets. I'm kind of addicted to these flowers right now, they are floral and modern all at the same time which is a combination I like, modern floral.

    Hi Cindy, thanks, I'm happy I get to combine my love of clay and gardening all together on these pieces.

    Hi Kitty, thanks, I hope I can find a clear that doesn't cloud and enhances the pieces, more testing; I better make some test tiles right now while I am thinking about it.

    Hi Kevin, thanks, that pot was really great and a crazy pot too ha ha, loved the colors. I just bisque fired my tiki and will final fire soon. I want to make more. Is there a mark on the bottom of your pot? Would love to know the origin, it is so great.

  12. Wait a minute these aren't terra cotta, the next ones are terra cotta, these pieces are with a stoneware clay.

  13. Whoops. That's okay. The foot-soaking bowls I'm working on are billed as porcelain bowls, when actually they are white stoneware.

    Enjoy the corelite shelves. I bought four full shelves that are great. They're so light.

  14. Hi Michael, thanks, I bought six half shelves. My kiln is 12 sided and 28 inches wide. I probably could have gotten full shelves, but most places didn't want to ship the full shelves, only the half shelves. I can't wait to use them; I have work piled up every where. Years ago I thought b mix was porcelain because it was so white. Ha! Hope your foot bowls are going well.

  15. You'll probably find half shelves really useful. I have a few, and they really speed up steaming out any moisture from the pots before the firing gets underway as there is much better air circulation through the kiln. That slip decoration looks really fun! Hope you had a happy 4th July, not sure if it still is 4th July for you or the 5th now ??? these international time differences fry the brain!

  16. Hi Peter, thanks, I didn't really know what shelves to get, still want to get a full one for platters and such, will have to see where I can drive to get one. It is now the 5th here. I get confused as you are either ahead or behind us, really not sure either. Ha.


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