Monday, July 5, 2010

Slip Sliding Away

Thought I'd try something different with slip since I've made quite a few slip decorated plates, platters and bowls lately. I'm working with terra cotta cone 6 clay from Laguna now; ran out of the stoneware I was trying. Quite a bit of grog in this clay. I'm wondering how a clear glaze will do? I hope, like Judy, that it isn't cloudy. This vase has a nice texture, like bark with growth rings, which may be difficult to see in the photo.

I often wonder how I can make a piece appear loose without it looking like it's thrown together. I added a little texture, slip and sprigs and wrapped the piece together and when attaching the bottom I flicked some of the bottom clay onto the sides and left it there. Gary said it looked like a tree.

Here's a 'fun' platter with lots of texture and slipped letters. I've always wanted to use lettering on a piece. The letters are a bit hard to see, maybe that's OK. The paper is holding up the lip till it stiffens a bit.

I added some criss crosses in slip randomly on the dragonfly platter, but it was just too much so I rubbed it off. Sometimes it isn't easy to know when to add and when not to add more patterning on pieces. Comments and suggestions are welcome.


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  2. Hi Linda, thanks for stopping by. Quick up date on Jewels. Her local doctor was out of options so he has sent her to Little Rock yesterday for further testing.
    They still don't know just what is going on and why they can't kill this bug. I'll let you know what they find out.
    Her Dad and I are taking care of Brandy in shifts. That way Brandy gets to stay home where it is familiar.
    Thanks again for caring. I'll let her know you stopped by when she calls. By the way, she is accepting help with no problems now.

  3. Linda -- love the slip work. Let me know how your clear comes out. I only have trouble with mine in bowls & platters where in can pool. If yours is not milky I'd love to try your recipe!!

  4. Hi

    Maturity is the ability to adapt to life in the fuzzy.

    Hi Patti, thanks, I do hope Jewels does better. So good that Brandy gets to stay at home; please let Jewels know I've got my fingers crossed. Years ago I worked at St. Joseph's Regional Medical Center in Hot Springs and they have a good reputation, perhaps someone there can help. Michele Stewart was the Director of Nurses at the time, not sure if she is still there, might be worth a phone call. After several rounds of antibiotics certain bugs develop a resistance - a call to the Atlanta Center for Disease Control might be a good place to call too.

    Hi Judy, thanks, my recipe is very easy; it is what I decided to go with when I was traveling in the RV for my cone 6 - Amaco Sahara Clear Satin HF-12 - brushed one or two thin coats. I tried other glossy glazes and they all pit or bubble. I'll post here on how this glaze does on these particular clays and slips. It was a bit milky in the corners of plates where it pooled - I am glad you mentioned about pooling I will be more careful in applying it in the future and will thin it down a bit. On my unicorn tile, there are a couple of swirls which are milky. I remember Patricia having similar problems and she finally went with a commercial glaze by Laguna. I might contact her and see which she uses and try that too.

  5. Hi Linda and Judy - In the comment above, Linda mentioned my challenges in getting a clear glaze that wouldn't craze on Cone 5 B-Mix. I FINALLY ended up calling Laguna and they recommended a Low-Expansion Clear. It's SG847 I believe... I don't know what it would do on other clays, but works GREAT on the Laguna B-Mix. I haven't had one bad experience yet and it's been a year. When I need more, I don't think twice about trying to come up with my own. I just place the call. You have to order it in 50 lb bags though.

    Linda - I'm really looking forward to seeing how these pieces come out.

  6. fun with slip... it looks like it may be addicting. lovely little dragonflies. i think i had that paul simon record when i was in high school

  7. i am very sorry to hear that jewels has been sick... i read her blog and have been worried about her since she hasn't posted in a long while... i am hoping that she will be on the mend soon.

  8. Hi Linda
    I love the vase. I really like how you're using color. Great job!

  9. I love the touch of colour, and Iove the lines like life rings, it has a heightened naturalness that is wonderful. Will you be doing other objects to complement this? Cheers katherine

  10. Hi Patricia, thanks so much for sharing your glaze; if this one doesn't do the trick I'll think about getting some of that one. I can get Laguna stuff here on the East Coast too. just made some test tiles for the terra cotta clay. Now that I'm thinking I need to make up a tile with a strip of each color so I can see how each one reacts with the clear, what a lot of work with different clays and so many different colors of slip. This is the time I wish I had a little test kiln so i could just make up the test tiles right off the bat and test the colors and then make the work.

    Hi Michele, thanks so much about the vase.

    Hi Jim, thanks, yes the slip is addicting as so many colors appear in my head. I am just wishing I had a red, must look at the mason stains again.

    Hi Michele, thanks, if you get on Patti's blog the new sixty, you can leave Jewels a message and she can give it to her.

    Hi Connie, thanks, there is much to do here, another tangent. I want to get groups of pieces before I move on to something else. Although I do have two other groups I am working on at the same time, more about those soon I hope.

  11. The vases do look like tree texture, I like it.

  12. Love the new designs. And, I'm a big Paul Simon fan. That song is beautiful and sooo melancholy, isn't it? Nice title tie-in : )

  13. Hi Katherine, thanks, I am planning on making more of these. I like how the color contrasts with the terra cotta color of the clay.

    Hi, Lori, thanks, I like that texture, I have made a plate with it and will make a few more too.

    Hi Teresa, thanks, I love Paul Simon too, his lyrics are so pertinent to so many situations, yes melancholy, sometimes it fits the situation well.


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