Thursday, July 1, 2010

Unicorn Dreaming

When we first moved here I was loading my greenware to take to another potter to be fired since my kiln wasn't connected up. I carried load after load out to my car and was just about finished, when the neighbors came over to introduce themselves. The neighbors have a daughter about nine years old, named Kiah. Kiah and I began talking and somehow drifted away from the others.

Kiah told me about releasing baby gopher turtles here and pointed out the spot she and her grandmother had let them go. She wondered if they were doing ok. We walked around the yard looking at wild flowers and mushrooms, each of us hoping we'd see a turtle. Later I saw I'd left my car doors open, so we walked over so I could close it up. She asked me about making things in clay and I talked about how much fun it was. I told her I'd invite her over once we got settled and we could make some things with clay together.

Kiah was looking in my car at all the different pieces I'd made and all of a sudden she saw the unicorn. She ran to the side of the car to get a better look and pointed at the unicorn and said, "I like that one". It was one of those moments when I was happy I sometimes indulge myself and make things in clay just for fun. I hope to make a black shadow box frame for the unicorn and give it to Kiah as a gift. You might enjoy reading the story of the white unicorn which originally inspired me to make this piece. Comments and suggestions are welcome.


  1. What great gifts you are giving Kiah.

  2. don't you love how open you can be with children?
    Your gifts to her could influence her for a life time.

  3. Ditto to both of the above comments. What a gift, to both of you.

  4. What a great moment of inspiration for both of you. I can picture it happening right now!

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  6. Hi Michael, thanks.

    Hi Meredith, thanks.

    Hi Teresa, thanks.

    Hi Mary, thanks.

    Hi 誠侑誠侑 , thanks.

  7. I'm almost out of kilobites, so have to be brief till after the 3rd when they reset.


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