Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Knapsack

The Knapsack by Linda Starr
stoneware, stain, slip, 2 x 6 x 2 inches

Why do I blog? I've been thinking about the reason I blog off and on. But I could never quite put words to the why. I started blogging because I wanted to learn all I could about clay. I wanted to learn from other artists and share and get feedback on my work from others.

Over the last few years I've learned a lot about pottery, about other potters, about other artists, about other bloggers, and about other people from all over the world. I've learned of successes and failures in life and artistic endeavors, I've learned about the trials and happiness of raising children, loosing and getting jobs, moving, retiring, and living. I've also learned about loss, sickness, hardship, even death.

Along the way I've learned about me. I'm a private and shy person. One of those people who would be content to live on an island by myself, at least I used to be, not any more. I blog because I've learned to share a little about myself with the world. I've learned to open up the knapsack I carry around and show a little of what's inside.

The knapsack is something we all carry around I guess. It contains our hopes and dreams, our thoughts, our goals, our lives. I get to glimpse inside other's knapsacks when I read their blogs and folks get to glimpse inside my knapsack when they read mine.

The knapsack I made today is a maquette for a larger one I intend to make. I made the knapsack because of three bums or hobos which I'll tell you about soon. I'm proud to be included in Clay and Blogs, Telling a Story:

Arts Council of Moore County
Campbell House Gallery
482 East Connecticut Ave.
Southern Pines, NC 28388
Show opens October 1st
reception from 6 to 8 pm
Exhibition through the end of the month.

50 Potters, 45 Blogs
A Community of Potters
Connecting, Supporting and Communicating on line


  1. linda- it has been a pleasure getting to glimpse inside your pack.
    You were one of the early bloggers I connected with at at time when I was in great need.
    It will be great to meet you in person.

  2. That knapsack is adorable and love the detail.
    You will have a grand time in NC.
    Know you will bring back grand pictures from there for those
    non-potter followers like me.

  3. That knapsack is great. Love the metaphor. I'm glad we're getting a chance to peak inside yours and get to know you. Very cool "contents."

  4. Very nice Linda. I would have, never in a million years, guessed that you were shy!

  5. It's been wonderful getting to know you through your art and your blog. I traveled vicariously with you across the country and see now that the RV was just a really big nap sack. The metaphor is great as is the art.

  6. very well said! thank you for sharing with all of us.

  7. Very cool...luv it! Thank you for sharing your thoughts...

  8. Very cool...luv it! Thank you for sharing your thoughts...

  9. Love the knapsack and the analogy! We bloggers get to peek in others knapsacks all the time -- looking in someone else's knapsack helps us fill our own sometimes.

  10. Linda, I love reading your blog! You have so much to say and I am always living here quietly through your experiences, past and present. Keep it up!

    I would've never would've thought of you as shy..... You impressed me when you took the class at Aardvark. Xoxo.

  11. Hi Linda,

    I SO get what you mean. as you know I'm fairly new to the 'blog-potters-world' and, as you, I started it to learn from others and share with other potters.
    I now am reading and commenting on more blogs than I sometimes think I have the time for but it has become a part of my life.
    I do have a job so I blog less often then other but that's ok.

    i have read your blog from the beginning and also read your comments on other blogs.
    Please, come out of your shell, I have read so many beautiful posts and comments from you! you really have beautiful things and thought to share with us!
    It is totally my pleasure to read your blog!

  12. Love the knapsack and your blog! You are so right about blogging and all that it teaches us. The Clay and Blogs Show sounds exciting and I'm looking forward to hearing all about it!

  13. I love hand made pottery...and I totally know what you mean about's amazing the wonderful women you "meet" through this community.

  14. Hi Meredith, thanks, I feel the same way about you. From the first time I commented on your blog you were so encouraging and it meant and continues to mean so much to me. Can't wait to meet you in person.

    Hi Patti, thanks, I really want to make a big knapsack with that paisley look of yesteryear that's still (I was surprised to learn) popular today. You know me I will take lots of photos of my trip and post them here.

    Hi Teresa, thanks, there really is a whole lot of feelings and so much more in the knapsack, in everyone's.

    Hi Tracey, thanks, Gary says I'm not shy, but I am comfortable with him, meeting in person is different than writing on a blog.

    Hi Lori, thanks for your encouragement, it has been a pleasure to meet you too via the blogs.

    Hi Michele, thanks, we're fellow bloggers and treasure bus owners too, that's so cool we share that via the blogs.

    Hi Turquoisemoon, thanks so much, glad you enjoyed.

    Hi Judy, thanks, you are so right about other's knapsacks filling our own.

    Hi Yolanda, thanks so much, glad you are enjoying my blog, it makes the writing and posting of the photos worthwhile to know that. Hey, maybe I'm not as shy as I think of myself, since you are the second person to say that, especially since you've met me in person. Perhaps I just feel shy inside and outside is different. I might have to open up that knapsack a little wider and look inside myself. he he.

    Hi Monique, thanks every so much for your kinds words. I have seen a few of your comments on other blogs too and you have great insight and thoughts to share with others. I am so glad I have met you via the blogs. Gary says I spend too much time writing, but the writing is very helpful to me and that's what's important now.

    Hi Marguerite, thanks, yes I have learned so much about life and people via blogs, reading and writing has given me a renewed appreciation of the individual and mankind as a whole throughout the world.

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  16. Blogger is doing weird things lately, double posts, are you sure you want to navigate away from this page, pain in the petute.

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  19. Hopefully Blogger will do a double post of my post because I want to say how very cool your knapsack is!!! The pressure is on for the rest of us to send something so meaningful to the Clay and Blogs Show! Wonderful writing as usual Linda :o) xox

  20. Hi Cindy, thanks, I don't know how these ideas come to me. Most happen right after I go to bed at night and then I have to get up and jot a sketch down in my journal for fear I might forget my idea the next morning. I am starting to really like the writing "almost" as much as the clay. It really stretches me in new directions and I am grateful for that. Thanks again.

  21. Hi Andrea, thanks, yes it is truly amazing to meet so many via their blogs, I am enjoying every minute of it each day, so nice to meet you too.


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