Sunday, August 8, 2010

Mexican Tile Mural

There is so much detail in this tile mural painted with a watercolor style. Please click on photo to see all the detail the artist has achieved. I thought about selling the mural today, but I just can't let it go. I'm trying to find information about the artist or tiles, so I thought I'd show the mural here in hopes someone will know. I purchased the tile mural in California many years ago from a consignment shop in Fresno and the shop owner knew nothing about it.

The mural has never been installed and is mounted on a cardboard backing in two sections to keep the tiles together. Each tile is approximately 4.5 inches square and the overall dimensions are 18 x 26 inches. On the bottom left is written - Cer. Art Davalos. On the bottom right is written what looks like - Bauris H. S. Perhaps the right is a description of the location? I have no idea. I did find a listing for a wrought iron table with the same notation on the tiles here. I will send them an email with the link to this post.

The tiles are made of a white clay, not the typical red clay often seen from Mexico. The tiles are fairly thin and light weight, and look to be machine made due to the grid design on the reverse. Each of the cardboard backings has "24 I" written on them. If you know anything about the tiles or artist, please let me know.

I had it in my mind to install the mural in my dream home some day. Since I'm sure my dream home is just around the corner, if I sell the mural, I'll surely regret it.

UPDATE:  I was contacted by Charly from Guadalajara Mexico with the maker's website for those interested here it is:


  1. a wall in the garden sounds like a prim spot for this piece linda good luck with the artist search..

  2. Can't help you with the artist but hope you don't sell. Too nice a piece.

  3. Don't sell it! If I waited to put things up that were for my dream home I would have closets overflowing :)
    I saw a cool thing once where someone put heavy duty velcro on the backs of tiles for a temporary installation. She knew she would be moving so she could take down the tiles when she left...I would mount the thing on plywood and put it up!

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  5. Wow, I wouldn't well that wonderful piece! You could decorate a whole house around it if you had the notion. That was a fortunate purchase. Good luck on tracking down the origin.

  6. Hi Ang, that's a great idea, but no walls here. Perhaps a temporary wall.

    Hi Patti, thanks, I think I talked myself out of it.

    Hi Tracey, thanks, I do have closets overflowing, what great idea about the velcro on board, I will have to think about that. This piece doesn't quite go in Florida like it did in California.

    Hi Ms. Sparrow, thanks, yes I think I am keeping after all it doesn't take up much room in storage. Ha.

  7. Hi Man Zhengmei Yu Ping Cai,

    I Tianshan, wait a moon

  8. Hi Linda Starr i'm charly and i 'm from Guadalajara Jal. Mex.
    You are in luck! i've seen you interested for this painting, i can help you about it,
    It is the artist's website;
    If you need help you contact me: to
    I speak english and spanish don't worry!

  9. Hi Charly, thanks so very much for solving this mystery, I will do a post update on my blog pointing to the website you have noted, thanks for contacting me.

  10. you're welcome it was a pleasure, an update on your blog would be a good idea, i know i did it LOL :), i found you blog by chance,
    have a good one... and nice blog!


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