Sunday, September 26, 2010

From The Ground Up

Look you can see one of Michael's soul pots in the fire.

What's finer than a family firing their pottery together? Other than a bunch of potters and friends getting together while they're firing; talking about their lives and firing pots.

Meredith, Mark, Gary, and I went to Michael Mahan's to see his firing today. Amidst the fire stoking, conversation, and roosters crowing, we enjoyed the moments of an everyday potter's life with Michael, Mary and Levi.

I'm enjoying myself immensely; the weather has turned favorably cool with a gentle rain welcome by all.

Even Duster, the rooster, enjoyed a family moment with Levi. Come back again for more pottery news from North Carolina. Comments welcome.


  1. It´s amazing to have the oportunity to enjoy a day like this. So cool! I left a comment in my last post for you ;)

  2. Hi Acacia, thanks, yes there are many opportunities around here to see meet potters and see their kilns and firings, never had this opportunity before.

  3. What a great opportunity for you. I'm sure your dance card will be full while in NC visiting various potters.
    Love that Levi is not texting and is learning from his dad and showing care to a chicken. Neat kid.

  4. Hi Patti, thanks, Levi does some pretty nice work himself; I looked in their gallery while I was there, only so many photos I can put up. Yeah so much to do and see here. I hope to make it to the zoo which is supposed to be really great. more later.

  5. you can't miss the zoo... it is one of the nicest i have ever visited. wear good walking shoes, it took us about 5 hours to see it all.

  6. It sounds like a great time. The camaraderie must be very inspiring. what a nice get-away.

  7. So, I have to say it -

    what lovely chickens!

  8. Hi Michele, thanks, I drove by your place today, so I know where it is, hope to stop by this week.

    Hi Teresa, thanks, yes you are so correct about the camaraderie, having a great time.

    Hi Julia, thanks, they were beautiful chickens, thought you'd enjoy them. Saw your work in person it was beautiful, going back to look again at the opening, wish you were here.


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