Thursday, September 23, 2010

Jekyll Island Georgia

Hope you don't mind a few tourist type posts. Betty, Binky, Butter, (our cats) Gary and I are on our way. Only made it 200 miles in the motorhome yesterday. No we're not on this boat, it was just cruising by the pier.

Stopped at a campground in Georgia for the evening; here's the road to take a walk to the pier.

Made it to Jekyll Island Georgia campground, what a beautiful spot. Although mosquitoes are voracious under the trees.

Here's a local fisherman trying to catch mullet like he did years ago. More later, comments welcome.


  1. a place I have always wanted to go to. I have a friend who's brother in law was a ranger there.
    She always talked about how wonderful it was.
    Now- how many more miles to here??

  2. Love tourist type posts. Aren't you glad you are on the way?
    What a great place to walk, minus biting insects however.

  3. Hi Meredith, thanks, I'm looking up your address right now to plug it into the GPS to see how many miles it is, but it has started raining now, we may wait a bit. This island is oak covered and so beautiful, I am sure there is much to see here. Seems more humid here in Georgia than Florida, can that be possible?

    Hi Patti, thanks, finally got out of the house yesterday, had some last minute delays of trying to find this and that and what to take and what not to take but too late now if forgot anything. Cats are a bit traumatized at first wondering if they're back in a motorhome for good again. Well off to make some breakfast.

  4. so cool that you can travel with your cats! enjoy the ride and keep the tourist posts coming...

  5. I'm likin' the touristy posts. Thanks for sharing your trip with us.

  6. Looks like a beautiful place. Have fun on your journey!

  7. Hi Michele, thanks, will keep you posted. We have three cats and $7 a day for three times about a month was $630, so they're with us.

    Hi Teresa, thanks, hope you enjoy our travels, there's more to come.

    Hi Marguerite, thanks, this time the trip is pleasure, moving wasn't as it all turned out.

  8. Welcome to Jekyll Island! You should stop by the Welcome Center to see if they'd like to sell your pottery - if you have some to sell with you.

    I hope you have a great stay!


  9. Hi Eric, thanks for stopping by, we have gone on the North Carolina to drop off my work for the show there, but will be stopping by and our way back and will stop into the visitor center then, thanks so much. By the way I'll be doing a post next week about the Sidney Lanier bridge, quite a spectacular site from the island.


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