Wednesday, September 29, 2010

More About Clay 'n Blogs

Here's two more pieces I placed in the Clay and Blogs Telling A Story show. The first a pair of wall tiles or panels about 15 by 7 inches. The way the glaze pooled in the tree textures reminds me of moonlight hitting the bark of trees. These two tiles come as a pair, but can be hung together or separately.

I started making botanical inspired wall tiles while exploring clay slabs as canvas. I've been a gardener for most of my life and a landscape contractor for ten years while living in California, so my love of plants is often blended into my work. On these panels I sign my name at the lower right hand bottom of the tile like painters do. I'm not sure I've seen this done on other's clay work before, have you?

Some of the tiles I make are textured, some have applied sprigs, and some under glaze and/or slip decoration. I found the oblong shape of the tiles are just the right size to place on narrow wall sections between doorways, at the end of a hall, or even on a porch. They come ready to hang and have felt discs on the back to keep from scratching the paint on a wall till the right spot to hang them is found.

This vase is the first in a series I'll be developing further when I get back to the studio. Most of the time when I make a piece I have an idea in my head of what I'll make. But with this vase I rolled out the slab and at the last minute decided to cut the angles in the top. Later I made drawings in my journal for more modified trapezoid shapes with angles. Then I made one more of this style vase which I'll post next time. Since I was born in 1950 I'm not surprised some of my work is influenced by the mid century modern architecture.

Not having my photo cube with me, it was difficult to photograph the subtle glaze colors of the vase and the high contrast between the lighter interior and dusky exterior. I should have taken Mark Heywood up on his offer for me to use his tripod. I think I'll invest in a tripod for my camera when I get back home.

Over the last several years I've seen my blogger friends work posted on their blogs but when I delivered my work to the show I saw all too well what I've always known, art is so much better seen in person, rather than on a computer screen. If you get a chance try to make it to the show, Clay and Blogs, Telling A Story. The show opens this Friday, October lst at the Campbell House in Southern Pines, NC and runs the month of October.

Just out, here's a good read on Carolina Arts Unleased about the show.


  1. It's beautiful how you captured the moonlight on the trees. The light also has depth which couldn't have been easy to do. Again, you're amazing, Linda!!!

    Most of the signed pottery I've seen has been on the back. However, I personally prefer the bottom right hand corner. I like the personalized human element...also like for others to know the piece is authentic (not that I own much *sigh*.)

  2. Hi Kittie, thanks, so glad you like the trees, sometimes the glaze and kiln gods are favorable. I appreciate knowing your thoughts about the signature on the front, so good to hear the thoughts of those who are not potters.

  3. Love the tree panels! They are amazing and just gorgeous! I like the signature on the front, too! Thanks for the link, I'll check it out!

  4. Hi Marguerite, thanks ever so much about the tiles, glad to have your input about the signature.

  5. Linda.
    I too love the trees. very inspirational..must try that.
    Yes, I like the signature on the front of these kinds of pieces..they are 'like a painting'..
    Thanks for your posts about the weekend in NC..exciting..

  6. Hi Linda,
    Lovely to see your work. Hope you really enjoy the time in NC and the exhibition goes well for you. Do take lots of photos! Thanks for your kind comments too.. Best wishes to you and to Gary, P.

  7. Hi Trish, thanks, the panels are something I've been working on for a couple of years, glad you like them. Thanks about the signature, I didn't think it detracted from the style of the pieces, glad you agree.

  8. Hi Peter, thanks, I am visiting so many potteries my head is swimming with all the input. I will be posting some photos of my travels soon. Come back to see the jugtown ones, I just know you will enjoy the shots I took in their museum. Hugs to you Peter, say hi to Laura and the cats.


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