Monday, September 13, 2010

Mostly It Happens Here

Mostly it happens here; my ceramic work that is, here at my work table. (For the life of me I couldn't get that white flash out of the photo. How in the heck am I going to apply for shows using Zapp? Microsoft digital editing was much easier than Paint Shop Pro. I guess I'll worry about that tomorrow). Anyway, I get a clean bucket of water and cut off a slab of clay. Sometimes I know what I'll make, like yesterday when I made the trays. Today I didn't know, so I looked out the window.

I knew I had a small amount of black clay left in the bag. I set the clay down rolled it out and looked out the window some more. I thought about the hard life a farmer must have, being at the mercy of the elements.

So I made this a farmer's field near the mountains in winter with the fields plowed and a tree without leaves. I noticed the tree looks a bit like a hand reaching up, interesting. The fields are waiting for Spring when the farmer will grow food for the world again.

I've been filling up these bookcases I had from my last studio with my recently finished work. The shelves are removable and the bookcases still weigh a ton.We were going to sell these bookcases since they're so heavy to move. But they're real handy for storing my finished ceramics so we thought better of it. We just put them out on the lanai this week.

The insides are birch plywood, but the sides are a melamine. The sides were scratched in the move so I need to paint the sides. Gary said I should put grass cloth on the sides. I thought about painting the bookcases with one color but that's a lot of work and I hate to cover up the natural wood.

Meanwhile now that the outside of the house is painted and the tile floors are finished I'm unpacking my previous ceramic work along with linens, lamps and miscellaneous items. I'm tired of painting and unpacking. I just want to make ceramics. Seems like the work I don't want to do is never done, especially since I have fresh clay again. Comments and suggestions are welcome.


  1. Love seeing your workspace (have you tried taking the photo on an angle so the flash bounces away from you?). Its great having a window in the studio, isn't it?

    Love that slab plate. Great design and texture.
    Happy week!

  2. I love a window when i am working- it would be hard to do this without looking out now and again to watch what come by.
    Really like the tree and it does look to reach out as a hand.
    Those ravens.......

  3. Soon you'll be all unpacked! That's gotta feel good, especially knowing all the fun times ahead with the clay! Yeah!

  4. What a nice symbol to see from your window, raven or crow, they have nice messages to bring us. It's fun seeing your work space. I love the Dancing Ravens bowl on the sidebar!

  5. ugh... we are in the same boat as far as unpacking. it seems it is never going to be done.
    those are great cases for displaying your work... i can see why you decided they were worth moving.
    thank you for sharing pictures of your workspace. i agree that windows are important.

  6. Linda...I love the simplicity of your work space...and the great pieces you produce from one lovely spot! :)..and the view..!
    I too really like the slab plate/tray..harvest has begun here in Alberta.. golden fields.
    Have a great evening.

  7. Hi Miri, thanks, I think it'll be a wall tile, hopefully it doesn't warp.

    Hi Meredith, thanks, sometimes these things have a life of their own.

    Hi Patricia, thanks, I was thinking it a chore, but now that I am unpacking, it's been fun.

    Hi Teresa, thanks, the ravens land in that tree outside my studio all the time and are talking up a storm.

    Hi Michele, thanks, yes they really are great shelves and tall enough inside for tall vases unlike most bookcases.

    Hi Trish, thanks, I hope to make it a wall hanging since I don't glaze this black clay. Harvest must be beautiful where you like, some nice cool evenings would be great about now down here.


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