Thursday, September 30, 2010

NC Zoo Sculptures

The other day I said to Gary, "Lets go to the zoo." Gary said "I thought you hated zoos?" I said "I do hate to see caged animals, but there's sculpture there." Gary said, "I should have known, more art." I better make time to go to the air museum with Gary.

When Meredith and Mark of Whynot Pottery took us by the elephant sculpture at the NC Zoo I just had to make time to visit. Thanks Meredith and Mark. Meredith calls the elephant sculpture "her elephants". I can see why, this sculpture is wonderful. Apparently the sculpture had to be done in China because that was the only foundry large enough for the piece.

I found out I missed some sculpture and a ceramic mosaic mural at the zoo. Guess I'll have to make a return visit. Wonder if I can talk Gary into another visit? Ha!

Great zoo, right up there with the San Diego Zoo; great sculpture, worth a visit for sure.

Now if this rain would stop or at least slow down a bit, I could visit more potteries here in Seagrove. More about those later.


  1. Great elephants and you don't have to feed them or follow behind with that big shovel.Have a great opening.It will be like meeting the far away cousins at a family reunion.

  2. We had a birthday party for Wesley at that zoo when she was four years old, the last time I was there. I really need to get back, I don't think those sculptures were there then, or else I was just distracted with 4 year olds!

  3. Hi Dennis, thanks, yes, first and second cousins and even more relatives too, clay relatives. Everyone here is so friendly and I have picked up little tips and ideas along the way.

    Hi Tracey, thanks, this zoo is wonderful, Gary loved it. There was much more to see and do, but we started out late, will definitely have to come back. We could spend all day there for sure. Plants, animals, miles of trails, trams, and botanical inspiration for me everywhere. Looking forward to meeting you tomorrow.

  4. Hey- those are my elephants!
    Glad you got there it is a great zoo!

  5. Hi Meredith, thanks, yes, thanks for letting us know.

  6. Looks like an incredible place and those sculptures are amazing! I've been to the San Diego zoo, so I know what you mean. Hope the rain stops by tomorrow! Have a great time!

  7. Hi Marguerite, thanks, the rain stopped and the opening was a huge success and well attended.


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