Monday, September 20, 2010

Working With Clay and Fire

I love working with clay and fire. These two pieces are self portraits of a sort. While I'm working with clay I give my 'self' up to the clay; hence the androgynous style figures.

The bag is large in proportion to the figure; just how I feel working with clay. The possibilities are endless and are never ending to me.

The second figure is semi reticulated. I'd like to work more with that aspect. Next time I'll make the wire longer so the appendages are more movable; the wire's a little too short. I need to allow for clay shrinkage and a little extra to bend the wire to position the appendages where I want them.

Next time I'll make the knees and elbows movable. Hm, what about the wrists and fingers. See what I mean, endless possibilities. So I think to myself, why shouldn't I explore them?

Two more from this firing; small pinch bowl above and white stoneware vase with applied terra cotta strips vase below.

Off to pack for my trip. Comments are welcome.


  1. Hi Linda- it was good to see you back to having some fun with your barrell firing- I like the results you are getting!
    Oh and the driveway is 1/4 mile dirt need I say more!?

  2. Hi Meredith, thanks, these had to be fired twice. The wind blows here all the time and it's all sand, plus the cats leave dust bunnies, and hair balls and they scratch the empty boxes and leave little cardboard particles everywhere, and then there's the clay, ha, no sense even worrying about it around here.

  3. Looks like you're busy and having fun. These two pieces are really neat and interesting. Bon voyage!

  4. Nice colors from the firing. I love the self portraits, they look like fun.

  5. Marguerite, thanks, I am having fun playing wiht fire.

    Hi Lori, thanks, yes fun, there's a little of me in all I make I guess.

  6. So, John at the studio tonight said you're coming this weekend? I'll be at Festival in the Park too on Friday afternoon. When will you be here? Give me a call sometime-- hope our paths cross this weekend. Thanks for the birthday wishes...


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