Tuesday, October 5, 2010

British Contemporary Ceramics

This past Saturday we were so happy we went to the Mint Museum to see the British Contemporary Studio Ceramics exhibit. Drawn from the collection of Diane and Marc Grainer of suburban Washington, D.C., this exhibition is the first comprehensive survey of contemporary British studio ceramics ever assembled.

Comprised of functional and sculptural objects made between the 1980s and 2009, the show features work by 100 artists either born or residing in Great Britain, including established “contemporary classics” like Lucie Rie and cutting-edge ceramicists such as Julian Stair, Kate Malone, Neil Brownsword, and Grayson Perry. The exhibit runs through March 13 2011.

I was inspired by the diversity of ceramics I saw in the exhibit, many slab built, unique surfaces and some very large pieces. I also took lots of photos of buildings in downtown Charlotte and have several ideas for future ceramics pieces based upon building architecture.

We didn't get to spend as much time at the museum as we wanted because we had to get back to Meredith and Mark's pottery for an evening get together of the potters in the Clay and Blogs show. We plan on returning to the museum when we have more time to spend, perhaps at the end of October.

We're in Charleston, the first stop on our way back to Florida. We're traveling in our motorhome which is an economical way to travel. Even though motorhomes don't get tremendous miles per gallon, they eliminate the need for expensive hotels and restaurants, and boarding our three cats. We plan to use a motorhome to go to art fairs this winter in Florida where I can sell some of my ceramics. It will be convenient to have a motorhome especially for two day shows.

We're in staying at Folly Island County Park which has a campground for a couple of days. The park has walking and biking trails, mountain climbing, a lake, and much more we've yet to discover.

There's a tram which will pick us up here and take us downtown and back again. There's also a tram which will take us to the beach (surfing photo courtesy of Grace Beahm of The Post and Courier Staff). We won't have to worry about getting lost or looking for a parking space. What a relief that is.


  1. You are in my part of the world now! I love Charleston, you are there at a great time of year, summers there are pretty rough. No wonder you liked the Mint, a lot of those pieces resemble the kind of work you do! Again, it was so great to see you and Gary in Chapel Hill, I want to hear more about what you did, if you got to the Frank gallery, what did you like...
    I'm so happy we got to finally meet!

  2. What lovely pieces. I really liked that vase on a pedestal.
    That was some surfer surf. Love a rough sea.
    Glad your RV is working out so well. Great idea for taking pets.

  3. Hi

    Thank you for introducing to us "The British Contemporary Studio Ceramics exhibition"! The first one is very beautiful!
    And I enjoyed a lot reading the posts about the exhibition you participated in. O You had a great time!! The works were fantastic! I love to see ceramics!!

  4. hi linda, i've been perusing the blogs looking at pictures of the blogs show and your picture is everywhere. it looks like it was one great trip and glad you got to meet everyone. i guess the consensus is that gary was a real trooper hanging out with the mud people for all that time.

  5. What wonderful shapes. I've made a few pedestal vases also, they are such fun. Mine are thrown, was this one hand built?

  6. you guys sure seem to be having a great time!

  7. hey linda we should have gone with you!

  8. I should have listed the artist for the pieces from the catalog I posted. In order posted here on my blog they are:

    Angus Suttie, Vessel
    Dan Kelly, White Swipe Sculpture
    Peter Beard, Sail Form
    Sasha Wardell, Blue & White Leaves
    Antonia Salmon, Holding Piece

  9. Our daughter is an art teacher in Charlotte and says the show at the Mint is a must see. Glad you are having such a nice trip.

  10. Hi Tracey, thanks, yes glad we finally met; I did go to Franks, saw some contemporary ceramic pieces I liked.

    Hi Patti, thanks, I think that surfer was surfing during hurricane Hugo.

    Hi Sapphire, thanks, I like the first one too; I am always drawn to the color turquoise.

    Hi Jim, thanks, yes, Gary had enough pottery for a while, but now he knows there is more than just me that likes clay. Ha.

    Hi Lori, thanks, I've made hand built pedastal vases in the past. This Wardell vase, made in 1986, is slip cast and air brushed bone china. Sasha Wardell does incised slip and water eroded surfaces in her current work.

    Hi Michele, thanks, we are having a blast.

    Hi Meredith, thanks, maybe next time if we come back at the end of October.

    Hi Dennis, thanks, your daughter is correct. I can't wait to go back; then study and read about all the artists in this exhibition.


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