Friday, October 8, 2010

Fernandina Beach

Here's a glimpse into old Florida at it's best, the town of Fernandina Beach on Amelia Island.

You can see by these photos why we're staying for a couple of days instead of going home.

Then there's the fact there's an outdoor art fair this weekend.

Oh, and my friend Amy from Clay Works in Charlotte is nearby and we plan to meet up.

Walking the streets and thinking of the good old days gone by is fun to do.

We got fresh prawns from the local fish market and are headed back to the motorhome to cook them and walk on the beach again.

More about the art fair and a virtual trip back in time to the civil war days at Fort Clinch tomorrow.


  1. Wonderful pictures! Looks like you had a really great time with your friend. Enjoy the lovely weekend, Kellie xx

  2. Yay Amelia /island! Hope you're having a good time, the weather is perfect right now. My inlaws and mom live there and I live 30 mins south. Beautiful scenery!

  3. Hi Kellie, thanks, we had a great visit and lunch, and the art fair was great.

    Hi Monica, thanks, yes the weather if finally starting to cool off and the art fair was small enough where there weren't too many crowds to wade through and a nice mix of work there.

  4. Great to spend time with you and Gary today. Hope we can keep in touch. Fun to see these pics and be able to say 'I've been there!'.
    Safe travels to you two...

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  7. Great pics! Amelia Island looks beautiful. Glad you had a fun weekend!

  8. Hi Amy, thanks, yes we both had a good time seeing you again, that is really a wonderful place to visit, Gary already wants to go back, Ha.

    Hi Marguerite, thanks, it's a great place to stay, the town is wonderful, the beaches are great, lots of parks, and wonderful architecture everywhere.


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