Friday, October 29, 2010

Fishing & Free Kiln

Garage sales are wonderful since I always find something which I can't say I really need, but I might want if the price is right. Today we drove by a garage sale in our neighborhood and I talked Gary into stopping. We decided to get two fishing rods and reels and take up fishing.

Mine is an older Penn reel and Gary's is a Mitchell reel and both came with nice condition fishing rods. I'm no stranger to fishing, but I'm sure the stream and lake fishing in California I did years ago is much different than what I'll be trying here in Florida. If you've got tips about fishing from shore here in Florida, be sure and comment. We both need all the advice we can get. Like what kind of bait do we use, sinkers? Maybe we can find someone to teach us. I figured if i could take up a hobby which could provide food too, all the better. I'm dreaming of sea trout cooked on the BBQ right now.

Then I couldn't resist this light duty bench grinder for grinding those rough spots off the bottom of pottery. Again this is in very good shape and was very reasonably priced. While we were at the garage sale I mentioned I made pottery and the folks said their next door neighbor had a kiln she wanted to sell. They said the kiln was big and I wasn't really looking for a kiln since I already have one, but the neighbor happened to be home so we went over there.

She gave me the kiln for free! She said she was going to make manatees but never got around to using it, but that it did work. It's an Olympic 328J which fires to Cone 6 on regular household current. It needs a little cleaning and maybe some work, but for free who can complain. Do you think it's worth saving? I hope so. I was thinking this will be the perfect test kiln and I can fire tiles and jewelry too.

Here's a photo of our pool with the new paint on the deck around it. The surface looked pretty shabby before, but this porch and pool deck paint really improved the look.

Our neighbors are having a Halloween party, now what to go as. Gary said a skyscraper can't sit down, so I guess that's out. Maybe just a mask; any ideas?

One of the last scheduled space shuttle launches at Cape Canaveral will be this coming Tuesday, November 2nd; I'm not sure if we'll go or not, still deciding. Be sure to check out my new pages at the top of my blog. I'll be adding and subtracting from them regularly. Have a good weekend; I've got to go back to painting those booth shelves.


  1. congrats on all the great buys! Hope you catch lots of fish...

  2. You seem to get directed to all the right places. :) A free kiln. Cool.

    That pool looks great!

    I knew someone who went to a Halloween party as a "cereal killer," covered in those small cereal boxes, attached in some fashion. I always thought that was pretty clever. Whatever you do, I'm sure it will be creative! Have fun!

  3. Hi Amy, thanks, I learned that the state park has a ranger led program where he tells you how to catch fish, I might go to that.

    Hi Teresa, thanks, yes I do seem to be directed somehow and I am going with the flow, as they say.

  4. Pretty cool on that free kiln Linda and I hope you catch some fish!

  5. Free is perfect. Such a deal.

    Go--no--please go-- to the shuttle launch. It is something you have to be there to understand. You feel it as much as see it and your chances are running out. The actual launch doesn't last long but the memory sure lasts forever.

  6. Hi Meredith, thanks, I do hope we catch some fish; hope the kiln works too.

    Hi Patti, thanks, I'll mention this to Gary about the shuttle.

  7. You can always convert the free kiln into a raku kiln or a little wood kiln. Lots of info online on how to do it. You and Gary should get really dressed up and fancy for the party, you both have the looks to carry that off really well!!! Have fun, love that pool!

  8. Hi Tracey, thanks, I'll check out the link, I am already wondering what to do with this thing cause now I see I may need a special plug and that costs money for an electrician. The pool looks so much better with the new paint on the deck, what a difference that made. A little elbow grease does wonders.


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