Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Folly Beach and Pier

Daytime temps are mid seventies and lower sixties during the night. No rain and so much to do, wish I could stay at Folly Beach all winter.

Gary used to surf and said the waves come in nice even sets here even if they aren't large.

I really enjoy travel, writing, and taking photos. Maybe somebody'll pay me to be a travel writer.

But then when would I have time for clay. Fun to dream.

Tracey said I should update my photo to show my hair. My teal streaked hair doesn't show very well in photos, and it'll soon be washed out anyway. Hey, look who stopped in for a visit on this post, Tracey and her family, Wesley and Gerry.

Walking on the pier is the thing to do here, unless you're a surfer, then you'd be in the water for sure. The water temperature is 76 F today.

This is the nicest fishing pier I've ever seen. There's fishing rod holders, fish cleaning stations, benches to sit on, covered pavilions to get out of the sun. The pier is double width so it doesn't seem crowded. This is a weekday; perhaps weekends are more crowded. At night people dance the shag under the moonlight.

One fisherman got a fish, he said it was a red drum. Most were just trying to get fish, but the tide was out. Later we saw a pod of bottlenose dolphin. I think they know where the schools of fish are.

Today we're going into Charleston. I hope to learn about the Gullah culture. I'm particularly interested in the strip quilts, sweetgrass baskets, herbal remedies, and rituals. Later.


  1. I left a message but it disappeared. At the risk of it reappearing, I won't repeat myself! Have fun in Charleston, so much to see and do!!! Thanks for the photo of my family, it's a really good one!

  2. What a great trip you are having! I spent so much time at Folly Beach as a kid. I had family in Charleston & they had a beach house at Folly -- my cousin/a guy and I are the same age. We used to dance -- the shag all summer long. I love that area.

    Safe travels home -- look forward to more blogs about your trip.

  3. What a trip and the beach too- I love the picture of the kid- made me laugh!

  4. Fun to see that you are enjoying sea and sand at a similar time to me over in this part of the world! It is fun visiting the blogs of all of you who got to NC and seeing different aspects of it. Thinking of you all, P.

  5. What a beautiful beach! It's always nice to be out especially if the beach is this lovely. Looks like you have enjoyed this day! Kellie xx

  6. Hi Tracey, thanks, I thought it was a good photo too because you were all smiling; much to do; much walking; trying to build myself back up to my ten miles a day I used to do before my back went out, hope to loose all the weight I gained.

    Hi Judy, thanks, Gary's dad used to tell us about dancing the Shag and we didn't know what he was talking about now we know; he was quite a dancer. Lovely place here, bet it is really hot in summer though.

    Hi Meredith, thanks, I couldn't believe it when I saw the cute little boy with the monkey on his back. my youngest brother was so hyperactive and the doctor told my mom to get a harness and he was so much happier, this little boy was apparently the same way, didn't want to be held for even a minute, wanted to be independent.

    Hi Peter, thanks, Oh I have been thinking of you too, wish you could have been here, but now you know we are here for your whenever you can get a chance to visit.

    Hi Kellie, thanks, yes this is a wonderful beach, white sand for miles and not too crowded this time of year. Thanks for visiting.

  7. what a trip you are having!
    you will just have to re-do those teal streaks when they have washed away... or go with another really cool color.

  8. Hi Michele, thanks, originally I told the hairdresser I wanted pale lavender but she didn't have that color, so maybe that's next. Ha.

  9. I can almost smell the sea air. Dont' know why but I always feel sorry for the fish in the buckets.
    Did not know you had blue streaked hair. My you are daring and cool.

  10. PS Loved the kid with the monkey on is back.

  11. Hi Patti, thanks it was wonderful weather; I figured I'd be a little daring why not; now Gary can call me a blue hair - ha.

    Hi Patti, thanks, isn't that kid cute. His parents aren't on his back only the monkey - he was quite a handful.


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