Thursday, October 14, 2010

Good Neighbors & Photos

Thank goodness for good neighbors. Our neighbors kept on eye on our house and our pool while we were gone. He made sure the pool didn't run too low on water. As it turned out that was a good thing because it didn't rain in this part of Florida, only up the eastern seaboard where some places got more than 20 inches of rain from a big storm.

We got home late and quickly looked at the pool to be sure the water level was OK. We noticed one of our lawn chairs was crumpled on the pool deck in lots of pieces. We were so worried, hoping our neighbor didn't get hurt.

The next day our neighbor came over before we got a chance to go over to his house. He met Gary outside unpacking our motorhome. He said sheepishly, "I broke your chair". Gary said, "We were so worried you might have been hurt". And the neighbor said, "I'm so glad the chair broke when I was sitting in it and not Linda". He knows I have a bad back so he was worried about me hurting myself. Who could ask for a better neighbor, more worried about me, than himself.

Anyway I bought some flowers and picked out a celadon vase to take to our neighbors. Before I went over there I decided to take a few photos. Hundreds of photos later, I still didn't get what I wanted. Gary said he never knew a bunch of flowers could take so long to arrange. Ha, little does he know. One thing always leads to another in pottery. Here's a link to a previous photo I took of this vase in daylight which is much more true to the color and texture.

A pale blue celadon vase isn't the easiest to take a photo of I guess. I think a darker background would be better. All I had was the black poster paper that I use to take photos of greenware pieces, so that's what the dust is. I bought another light to angle from the top. I think I'll also order a dark backdrop for lighter glazed pieces and get that tripod I've been wanting.

I had to give up today, I was just too frustrated to take any more photos and really wanted to take the vase over to our neighbors. Tomorrow is another day.

Just back from bringing the vase full of flowers to our neighbors. Seems as if his whole family worked at the Steubenville Pottery in Ohio. He talked about walking into 100 foot diameter bisque kilns and firing Russel Wright ware. It's a small world after all.


  1. We hear all the time of someone wanting to take a punch or bullet for us but your really have a special neighbor willing to take a fall for you. What a sweetie. How nice no one got hurt---except the chair.
    Great job arranging and what a thoughtful gift.

  2. oh it is a small world! I hope they have lots of great stories to share with you.
    I bet Gary is happy to be back at poolside.
    Lovely gift Linda.

  3. Hi Patti, thanks, yes what a great neighbor. He offered to take care of the pool so we didn't have to pay someone to come here. Glad we chose this place to live.

    Hi Meredith, thanks, yes I was surprised when I read about Steubenvillle Pottery pretty much the whole town used to work there back in the day. Our neighbor said he got tired of it and went on to become an equipment operator, but the rest of his family worked there till it closed.

  4. Russell Wright! I love his pottery! How cool. Your vase is lovely, even if the color didn't come through as you wished and the floral arrangement is gorgeous. They do take time, sometimes. Sort of that, we know it when we see it. :)

  5. What great storie you will have to share 'over the fence' or in your case, on the pool deck! :)..good neighbours are a gift for sure..
    Beautiful flowers and pics...have a great day..T.

  6. Hi Teresa, thanks, yes Russel Wright pottery was way ahead of it's time for sure, smooth clean lines and wonderful matt surfaces. Yeah I'll know it when I see it for sure. Ha.

  7. Hi Trish, thanks, I can't wait to have an open studio and invite all the neighbors over to see my pottery and share stories about pottery; seems lots of folks we have met have ties to pottery in this state.

  8. It's great to have good neighbors! Your flowers are beautiful (in all the pictures-lol) and what a thoughtful gift.

  9. Hi Judy, thanks, little did I know they knew all about pottery, they were happy to get the flowers and homemade vase and knowing about pottery they were even happier.

  10. Good neighbors are such a blessing! And they're into pottery, too, just wonderful! The floral arrangement and vase are beautiful!

  11. Hi Marguerite, thanks, yes we are truly blessed this time, especially since I can think back on our previous place of residence, not so blessed then.


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