Monday, October 11, 2010

No Spitting in the Kitchen

Here's more about Fort Clinch. There's a lot of bricks in this fort, even the floors. Reminds me of some kilns I've seen.

There are daily tours with period re-enactments. There's a lot of history in these walls.

The rooms were cool despite the warmer temperatures outside, probably because the buildings are earth sheltered on one side. Simple brick buildings and simple furnishings.

Can you imagine doing laundry with a washboard in an old oak barrel? Without television, computers, or telephones, there was more time for the necessary daily chores.

The cook put up a sign saying "No spitting in the kitchen". For more about Fort Clinch see the previous post.


  1. Hay, I have the same sign in my kitchen.
    Seriously, I love places like that and often feel goose bumps. That place is really well preserved.

  2. I think it's a good practice...
    Seriously, I love history and exploring these types of places. What fun you must be having.

  3. I love these historic places. You are so right: there's so much history, life, within and around those walls. I Love the sign. A good rule, :)

  4. I forgot to mention how much I like your photos. The top one is very cool. They all illustrate your story, your visit, very well.

  5. Hi Patti, thanks, when we first moved to Arkansas in 1990 one of those signs would have been appropriate for the tobacco chewers. I think they restored this place, but still and all it's so wonderful to take a step back in time.

    Hi Lori, thanks, this place probably isn't far from you to go visit, great beaches, fishing pier, history town and a historic fort and bicycle riding paths everywhere. What more could you ask for.

    Hi Teresa, thanks, yes, it's interesting to think back on what life was like no so long ago. thanks about the photos. I can never resist taking them and hope others enjoy them too. Perhaps some can take a chairside vacation through them.


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