Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Ocean Influence

We're back home and I'm glad to be working with clay again. I knew I'd use the fish cutter my friend Cindy from Alaska sent me, I just didn't know how or when. I guess a trip to the ocean helped inspire me. I made this fish bowl and I like how the fish look like they're swimming along. Thanks for the fish cutter, Cindy.

Judging from the comments of patrons of the Arts Council of Moore County NC, my wall tiles were well received at the Clay and Blogs show opening night. So I thought I'd make a fish wall tile in the same style. I signed my name in the lower right hand corner on the front like the previous pieces I made.

I remembered making a wind chime with ceramic leaves a couple of years ago, so I thought I'd make a fish wind chime today. I'll hang the fish from wire or fishing line strung through a piece of drift wood. The fish are about eight inches long. After I textured the fish I almost put them away to dry. But then I thought, what about the other side? So I turned the fish over and textured the other side too.

I used several different shells for the texture on a couple of vases and a platter.

Those deep holes are so hard to hand glaze. Why do I do this to myself?

While I was looking for shells on Amelia Island, I must have been absorbing ocean influences. I was hoping to find a shark's tooth, but never did. I did find the horseshoe crab though. I'm not sure where he'll show up in my work. Gary loved Amelia Island so much, on the way home he said he wanted to move there and be a beach bum. Oh boy!


  1. it always feels good to return home! i like your fish wind chime idea... will you glaze fire them on bead wire so that you can glaze both sides?

  2. Hi Michele, thanks, they are eight inches long and I think they are too heavy to hang from bead wire, but I figure with the red clay textured on one side and the other side they will look good.

  3. You go girl!!! Looks like you came back inspired and ready to go :o) I so enjoyed "traveling" with you and Gary on your road trip!!

  4. It sounds like you and Gary are on a wonderful and fun journey through life, always willing to see with fresh eyes and be open to new adventures. I love that. "Ocean Influences," indeed. The ocean offers us all so much. "Why do I do that to myself?" you ask. Because you obviously love to dig deeper into the possibilities. And, what a wonderful way to go through life.

  5. Hi Cindy, thanks, last night I made some of the leaf cutter you sent me too. I thought I would make frig magnets with those, thanks ever so much.

    Hi Teresa, thanks, yes the ocean is so renewing, no wonder Gary wants to move there and be a beach bum, but I guess a bum at the beach is so much more than the word implies. Yeah I'm always digging, it is wonderful most of the time for sure.

  6. Hi Patricia, thanks, hope it doesnt' warp.


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