Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Pink Hibiscus Day

Saturday we went to the Fernandina Beach art fair. There were about sixty local booths and the weather was perfect. Amy Huacani, from Charlotte, NC, who I met through her pottery blog, happened to be in Jacksonville and when she read I was close by, we arranged to meet.

Amy came by and picked Gary and I up at our campground (thanks Amy) and we all went to the art fair together and had a great time. Amy and Gary are standing in front of the booth of a local island potter, Chris Jones. We had a nice time talking with Chris about pottery.

Chris has some really nice shelves for displaying pottery called peg shelves, but the company no longer makes them. They are held together with pegs and are easy to put up and fold flat to store. I liked them because they were wider than a normal bookshelf and very sturdy for pottery display.

As we were leaving, I couldn't resist a photo of the pink hibiscus growing beside someone's porch. Amy and Gary patiently waited in the car. I went up on the porch and held the flower to take this photo. I'm glad I did; it really was a pink hibiscus day. Check out my friend Sapphire's blog for an unusual hibiscus.


  1. Hi Linda- Tell Gary hello and i think he is a great guy to go see more pottery!

  2. You really are on a roll, cher! One fun event after another! It's great and I'm so glad that you are enjoying yourself. Gary sure is being a good sport, but I suspect that he is enjoying himself, too? Beautiful photo!

  3. Hi Meredith, thanks, Gary is a good sport, but he really enjoyed himself at the beach, in fact he said he wants to move there. Ha.

    Hi Marguerite, thanks, yes we made up for lost time on this trip it seems, things just fell into place as they say, back home to the grind though.

  4. Linda..thanks for all the great photos..so interesting to see the different landscapes, potteries and flora..:)..yep...back to work.
    Cheers. T.

  5. Hi Trish, thanks, hope folks can find inspiration in some of the photos, back to work for me for sure.


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