Thursday, October 7, 2010

Sidney Lanier Bridge

We were thrilled to drive our motorhome over the Sidney Lanier Bridge named after American musician and poet Sidney Lanier of Macon, Georgia.

I love traveling for just this reason. Around every corner are bits of history, culture, architecture, and beauty, both natural and manmade waiting to be discovered and appreciated.

Here is the Marsh Song at Sunset by Sidney Lanier and a link to a few others, notably The Marshes of Glynn, which starts out, "Glooms of the live oaks, beautiful braided and woven". Too long to reprint here, but well worth a perusal. If you have time, click on over and enjoy reading while sipping a sweet tea.

Marsh Song--At Sunset

OVER the monstrous shambling sea,
Over the Caliban sea,
Bright Ariel-cloud, thou lingerest:
Oh wait, oh wait, in the warm red West,--
Thy Prospero I'll be.

Over the humped and fishy sea,
Over the Caliban sea
O cloud in the West, like a thought in the heart
Of pardon, loose thy wing, and start,
And do a grace for me.

Over the huge and huddling sea,
Over the Caliban sea,
Bring hither my brother Antonio,--Man,--
My injurer: night breaks the ban;
Brother, I pardon thee.

Up next, beach combing extraordinaire at Amelia Island, Fernandina Beach, and Fort Clinch. We could easily have made it home, but we just had to make one more beach stop. And guess what? There's an art fair this weekend. Don't tell Gary. Ha!


  1. Ha ha- that Gary ----what you have in store for him- looks like such a great trip home!

  2. Hi Meredith, thanks, he likes this beach, he said I can leave him here and I can go home by myself. There are only a few RV spaces and hardly anyone on the beach, lots of shells and intercoastal ships going to and fro. More later.

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  6. ok... i'm in jacksonville this week somewhat close to amelia island. any ideas as to what I could do there? please let me know.... I'm trying to figure out what to do in my free time! thanks---

  7. Hi Amy, thanks, there is an arts festival in Fernandina Beach (which is the town on this island)this weekend and tons of artists, I am trying to talk Gary into staying here an extra day so we can go to it, maybe we can meet up. Send me a facebook message or an email, I can't find your phone number and I'll give you mine. this beach is wonderful, will post in the morning about it and the Fort Clinch which is really cool too. Fernandina beach has lots of historical houses too.


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