Monday, October 4, 2010

Sweet Billy Goat

Every day Gary's been wondering if we're finished with all the potteries. Since Gary is really a tee shirt kind of guy, I just had to get him a Ron tee shirt. Here's Gary wearing the very first Ron tee shirt!

Saturday Gary and I went to the Thrown Together show in Charlotte for Ron, Amy, Jen and Julie's show with guests Kyle and Allison. I got to meet more of my blogging buddies there. It was perfect weather for the outdoor show.

Coming up I'll post about the Chapel Hill art fair, where I met up with Tracey Broome again, and her family too; then more about the Mint Museum in Charlotte. The British Contemporary Studio Ceramics show was just super; I'm so glad I went.

I am really jazzed and can't wait to get back home and start making work. I am so inspired by the art, culture, and architecture in North Carolina.

Can a billy goat be sweet? You bet they can. Gary really is my sweet billy goat (and so much more); he's been super going to all the clay events. We'll head to the beaches today, so he can finally relax, but we might take a side trip to Charleston or Savannah. So stay tuned for more photos about our trip.


  1. I hope you and Gary have a great trip back home.
    Safe travels and best to both of you.
    Thank you again for coming all the way from Florida for the show!

  2. Hi Meredith, thanks, my and Gary's pleasure for sure, thanks for your hospitality and showing us around the Whynot and Seagrove community, we'll be back for sure.

  3. Linda, It was great to see you and Gary in Chapel Hill yesterday, I have more pics coming up. Wish you had been there when the judge came by, it was such a shock you would have some good pictures of me looking like a surprised fool! Gary is really so patient with all of us potters, I was commenting on that yesterday to Gerry.
    I want to hear what you got to see here. Did you get to the Frank gallery? Definitely go to Charleston if you can, perfect weather for it! There are some wonderful galleries there, just what Gary wants to hear, I know! SAfe travels

  4. Hi Tracey, thanks, too bad we missed the judges, we could have cheered you on. Your booth displays looked great, really complemented your work. I've been trying to get Gary interested in clay and he was really inspired by your barns - maybe just maybe he might touch clay.

    Yes we went to the Frank Gallery, nice show, diverse work too. Did you see the young woman's work on the opposite side, the colorful cone six work, she had beautiful glazes, I thought it was glass at first glance; I've got her card stacked up here somewhere; I think she got the people's choice award for the fair. yeah I want to go to more galleries (poor Gary), be sure to get to the mint British exhibit with Wesley, you will LOVE it. Hey and think about coming down to Florida for a visit, we are really not that far to drive in a car, bring Wesley and Gerry, we have plenty of room. I miss everybody already. boo hoo.

  5. Cute picture of your sweet goat.
    You are really lucky to have a guy who jumps whole heartedly into your passions. What a guy.

  6. Thanks so much for coming out to our Sale on Saturday. I'm glad Gary likes his shirt. You all have safe travels and enjoy your beach time.

  7. Hi Ron, thanks, we are at Folly Island in Charlestown now for three days, lots to see and do here for sure.

  8. Hi Linda-We really appreciated you coming all the way to Charlotte to say Hello. Very nice meeting you and your husband. So glad you enjoyed North Carolina, it is a great state for state! Happy travels.

  9. I'm So jealous! Sounds like a wonderful trip!!

  10. Hopefully he can get some rest by the seaside.

  11. Hi Jen, thanks, we loved the state and the museum exhibit is great, try to get there for the contemporary exhibit, you will love it.

    Hi Connie, thanks, we are having a great time.

    Hi Simone, thanks, yes the beach is one place Gary can relax away from my pottery, museums etc.

  12. Nice show! Looks like one fun event after another! I could have sworn that I saw a post on the Mint Museum, late last night, but I can't seem to find it? Have fun at the beach and a good trip home!


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