Friday, November 12, 2010

Foresthill Landscaping & Bisque

Twenty-two years ago I got my Landscape Contractor's license in California; can't believe it's been so long. I worked as a landscaper before that but decided I should become a licensed contractor. To assure my success I went back to college for a two year degree, nights and weekends, to get a Landscape Practices and Nursery (plants) Practices certificate. Since I already had a degree I only had to take horticulture, landscape, and design classes. Right before I took the test I went to a special intensive workshop. Thankfully I passed the test and I was officially a licensed Landscape Contractor in 1988.

Gary and I ran a landscaping business when we lived in Foresthill California for ten years. I did the landscape design and Gary ran the dump truck and tractor. We both did installation. Our company logo was a leaf and acorn of a black oak. The black oak is a native tree in the Sierra Nevada mountains where we lived. The T-shirt above is the last one we have, and the sketch of the leaf and acorn is my original sketch for our company logo. I came across these today and some clippings of the landscape articles I wrote for the local newspaper in Foresthill.

I've paid to keep my license on inactive status for some time now. My license expires in December this year and I won't be renewing it. A little sad, but the T-shirt, sketch, and newspaper clippings are happy memories of the past.

In other news, I finally got a bisque loaded and I'll call the electric company in the morning to see if they are going to turn off the electric, if they're not, I'm firing. I got the last of the shelves painted and, no matter what, I am setting them up today to see how they turned out. I guess that crow scolding (I mentioned in the last post) did me some good. Ha!


  1. What a kiln full. You’re so lucky you can call the electric company and ask if they are going to switch off. Here I have to just hope there is enough in the village today. That said I have just reached temperature and am now sweltering in the workshop while it cools. Its cold outside though so it is quite nice really.

  2. it's nice to have an old company logo lying around to prove it wasn't all just a dream. just curious but why do you have to call the electric co. to see if they're gonna turn off the electricity?

  3. Do you notice a lot of similarities between ceramics & landscaping? Do you notice those similarities in both occupations? Just curious.
    Good luck with the electric co.

  4. Linda, you're awesome! thanks for that little bit of personal history - makes things that little bit more interesting!!!

  5. Hi Kitty, thanks, well I called them because they are working on the pole and they said they couldn't guarantee whether they'd be here or not, but if they switch the electric to the other pole, they will turn it off. So their answer was a no answer.

    Hi Jim, thanks, yeah it was so long ago I could believe it was a dream. Ha. I called the company because they are working on the pole out there, have a new one in and still have the old one up, I just figure the way murphy is around there they will shut it off when I am firing, maybe I'll wait till tomorrow and fire, might be safer.

    Hi Lori, thanks, the similarities are in the marketing, paperwork, record keeping, and design. I never thought about that before, but you know having one business had helped with streamlining in the other. I'll have to give this more thought, what a great question.

    Hi Linda, thanks, I just had to post the logo because I was surprised at how much detail I put into the leaf back then, I may have to make one of these in clay, might be fun. I remember going outside and getting that oak leaf and acorn and drawing the leaf while looking at the real one. I might have to try more drawings with items I collect from nature.

  6. You are one multi-talented lady Linda!... Landscaper, booth designer, potter... What a resume!


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