Thursday, November 11, 2010

Happy Birthday Gary

Happy Birthday Gary, he's 63 now. I wish I could give him a Harley, but as they say money talks and BS walks. So no BS, he's not getting this Harley which belongs to a friend of ours. All Gary can think of is going to the beach, we may have to do that again real soon.

Here's Gary washing my car on his birthday. This isn't as bad as it sounds because Gary actually likes washing cars. I get so many negative comments about why I'm driving such a big car. It's the only car I've found I can get in and out of easily, sit in, and ride in for a long distance which doesn't hurt my back. I needed a big car to remodel our previous home hauling the building supplies myself, like 8 ft sheets of plywood, etc; then I hauled 2500 pounds worth of studio supplies and my kiln from California to here. Since it's paid off, and even with the repairs I've put into it lately, I won't be selling it for a very long time. I can't afford payments or higher insurance or registration rates on a newer car, this one is a 2001, which I've had for four years. As they say you can't judge a book by it's cover and that's true about me driving my burb.

I promised Gary I'd help him go through all the stuff in the bus and the house and we'd sell all we don't need when we got back from North Carolina, so I am momentarily detoured. I've been sorting more items we'll sell at a local flea market. Flea markets are big here in Florida during the winter months. Less than a mile from us there's one most weekdays, all of which are very well attended. Oh and I can haul the stuff I'll sell at the flea market all at the same time in my big car.

The electric company is replacing the pole right outside our home, so needless to say my firings are delayed. I don't want an electricity interruption right in the middle of my firing. I'm still painting my art fair shelves. Here again I can haul my shelves, booth, tent, and pottery to shows safely in my big car, heck I can even sleep in it if I have to. I hope you're not too disappointed about the delay in my post about the shelves, but I will get to them as quick as I can and post very soon.

Remember the magic umbrella cheese dish, it came out of the firing fine. I think I could bump the firing hold time up to 5 minutes longer for the glaze. I also want to make the top smoother on the bottom edge. I was thinking about adding a handle to make carrying the top and bottom together easier, but I like the look of it being completely round. Maybe I could make some type of a locking mechanism whereby turning the cover it would slide into a slot and hold it and then turn again to open it. Like the way the old time gas caps have two tabs and when you turn them they locked into place. Something to think about.

Just as I was typing this post a crow was outside my window cawing with a hoarse voice. Have you ever heard a crow with a hoarse voice? I never have till today. He sounded like the honking of a bicycle horn. Is he saying something to me? I think so. Get busy Linda, I'm tired of hearing your excuses. I guess I have some procrastination blood in my veins. Well I did paint the kitchen and we're moving my studio into the other room which is bigger, so lots of moving stuff around. Anyway here is a post I found about crows. Clay stuff coming soon.


  1. Tell Gary Happy Birthday for us!
    You are very busy and it will all come together soon!

  2. I enjoyed this post very much. Happy Birthday Gary. Washing car keeps your body fit, good stuff!

  3. When you go to the flea market and sell your stuff,you can use that big car to haul home all the new junk you buy while you are selling!

  4. Oh man! I was just picturing Gary on that bike and thinking how perfect it was for him and then I read the rest! Bummer! Happy Birthday Gary, anyway!!!

  5. Happy Birthday Gary. I was excited about the bike for you also. Someday fellow-- but hay, car washing is almost as much fun--??
    You are right, flea marketing in Florida is a sport, social event, and a place to take out of town company. Enjoy.

  6. Happy Birthday to Gary!!
    You are busy Linda -- soon your house will be exactly the way you want it!

  7. Happy Birthday Gary!
    ...potters HAVE to have a large car/suv or truck... we have so much heavy stuff to haul around.

  8. Wish Gary a Happy Birthday from New Zealand.. We are getting towards summer here, so it can be a Happy Birthday brought to him with sunshine!

  9. Hi Meredith, thanks, will do, I am kicking it into high gear, guess I just needed a little rest after the marathon yard sale and aftermath.

    Hi May, thanks, yeah I am so lucky to have Gary, he doesn't cook but loves to clean. Ha.

    Hi Tracey, thanks, Gary was drooling over that bike when Ken came over. Maybe one of these days I'll surprise him.

    Hi Patti, thanks, yeah I can't believe how many folks are at these markets, we're taking the small stuff there to sell.

    Hi Judy, thanks, Gary couldn't stand it any longer with boxes around here and no art on the walls, so I had to make a detour to help out.

    Hi Michele, thanks, yes we HAVE to have a large car or a BUS ha, the ceramics really is heavy, Gary was saying why couldn't you have been a painter, canvas is so much lighter.

    Hi Peter, thanks, good to hear from you, I'll give Gary your best. I hope you are doing better.

  10. Happy Birthday GARY!! Hope Linda is making you something special for dinner :o))

  11. Hi Cindy, thanks, I cooked him some more of my Marguerite prawns last night, but then he said he wanted a cake. If I bake a cake he'll have to eat it all since I can't have flour, I guess that wouldn't be so bad.

  12. Happy Birthday to Gary and best wishes for a great year, ahead! And maybe a Harley, too! Cheers!

    And Linda, you are one of the busiest people I know! Nice shot of the crow!

  13. Hi Marguerite, thanks, I think you take the cake for busy, really I am sure you do, if only I was a few years younger, Ha, I'd zip on down there for some of those dancing parties in the streets and all that great food. Maybe a harley some day, one never knows.


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