Saturday, December 18, 2010

Butter Dishes & Etsy ?s

Here are a couple of stick butter dishes from the other day. I was inspired to make stick butter dishes from a visit to Whynot Pottery shop earlier this year. Meredith has some really wonderful ones in her shop. If you're in Seagrove stop in and ask her about them.

When I got home I saw my stick of butter on a round plate in the refrigerator. Thought about it all fall and finally got around to making a couple of stick butter dishes. I've heard the ones without covers for households without cats.
Could be for households where the butter has to be kept in the frig due to hot weather too, like ours. I have a glass dish, but in the summer the butter can melt so quickly. Ceramic holds the cold of the frig much longer than glass. I think the handle for the bottom one is a bit long, but it's already attached, so I'll see how it is. I thought a longer handle would be nice when passing it across a table.

Farmer's Market was a rainout today, but we need the rain. I now have my Etsy banner up. Spent more than a day trying to photoshop a banner, then learned in an Etsy tutorial I could make one in Powerpoint much easier. Working on my descriptions and multiple photos now. Wondering if you have paypal for Etsy, did you sign up for a business paypal account? Do you have it linked to your checking account, savings, or a separate account? The wheels of my progress seem to move slowly. Have a safe and relaxing weekend.


  1. hey Linda- I use one of our butter dishes all the time.
    Yes- go and get a paypal account.
    It will make the transaction very smooth.
    best- M

  2. hi linda,
    i remember how hectic it all was, but looking back it may all seem worth while. what do i search for to find your etsy shop?

  3. Hi Meredith, thanks, I was kicking myself for not buying one of your butter dishes when I was there. I was wondering where the paypal acct. should be?

    Hi Jim, thanks, unfortunately when I was still in California just before my health went south, I signed up as Blue Starr Gallery, later I regreted that and wished i signed up as Linda Starr, but too late since etsy says you have to keep your original sign up name. I don't actually have anything listed, but if you look at my banner, please don't hesitate to give advice as to what I should or shouldn't do differently. I hope ot make an official announcement about my shop, once I get everything set up. I was just wondering about the paypal account, I have never ordered or sold anything via paypal so it is all new to me. Thanks againl happy holidays to your.

  4. Boy I am really a typo mess, Jim, thanks again, and happy holidays to you and your family.

  5. paypal is the way to go, i have it set up so that when people purchase i log into paypal and transfer the funds into my bank account. it was very simple to set up and add the paypal button to your etsy shop.

  6. Same thing Michele said. I will suggest spell checking before you press finish, I misspelled my email (dumbass) and now I can't find the first payment, still trying to resolve that. I set it up as a business account. I also used tsbroome and as you said can't change it, wish I had used Tracey Broome, oh well, live and learn, I'm still figuring things out.


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