Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Didn't Take A Photo

I'm really slipping up. I unloaded the bisque, glazed till the wee hours this evening and didn't take a photo. Mrs. Peanut is in the glaze load and I've really become quite fond of her. Hope she makes it.

Even if she doesn't, it's been quite fun walking around the house this week exclaiming, "Mrs. Peanut!" out of the blue. People usually don't know this, but sometimes I'm quite silly. I go off on these crazy tangents. More later.


  1. Go, Mrs. Peanut, go!! Were all rooting for you.
    From the snowy north..

  2. Can't wait to see Mrs. Peanut. Hope she is perfect.

  3. Am pretty silly myself. Sometimes, the hubster just shakes his head. Other times, he joins right in! Have a great day, Linda!

  4. It's easy to forget to take a picture in all the excitement of creating & unloading kilns. I'm sure we'll get to see Mrs. Peanut soon.

  5. if she survives you will have to make her a hubby... Mr. Peanut!

  6. Hi Craig, thanks, you are really a hoot, hope you are staying even a bit warm up there.

    Hi Patti, thanks, I hope so too.

    Hi Patricia, thanks, Gary is the same way, sometimes he just shakes his head.

    Hi Lori, thanks, I've been trying to take one photo for each load to see where I place the items in the kiln as documentation, I'll have to do that when I open it.

    Hi Michele, thanks, I've already been thinking of that and a couple of peanut kids, I think there is a Mr. Peanut for planter's peanuts ?


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