Thursday, December 2, 2010

Guild Mtg, Shows & Sales

Last night I went to my Potter's Guild of Florida's Gulf Coast meeting which was held at the ceramics department of St. Pete's College Clearwater campus in conjunction with the student ceramic, print, and photo show in the Crossroads Gallery and ceramic sale there. Gary went to the event with me and we became enamoured with this Cow Pitcher by Barbara Bobbie Davis which is now part of our pottery collection. The cow pitcher is much nicer in person.

The show was great, sorry no photos of the show. Lots of spectacular photos, prints, and, of course, ceramics. Glenn Woods chaired our meeting with a quick discussion about all the upcoming shows and pottery events in the area including the Lutz Arts and Palm Harbor shows, the Dunedin Fine Art Center pottery sale, St. Pete Clay sale, and information about the Florida Westcoast Ceramics Society Tour De Clay.

Then there was a presentation by Jonathan Barnes about the upcoming NCECA conference in early Spring 2011 in Tampa. Next we had a tour of the ceramics department and a presentation by Kim Kirchman about soda firing and tour of the kilns including the soda kiln built on the campus. Before the meeting lots of folks were purchasing pottery during the sale.

The enthusiasm of the students and instructors was infectious, I was half wishing I was attending this college right now. Their high fire test tile board was really impressive with what seemed like hundreds of different glaze combinations. Well lets see, there were 91 test tiles and three glaze combos on each tile, so that's 273 different glazes. More later, I have lots of work to do to prepare for sales this month and a show in January at the Stirling Gallery in Dunedin for the month of January. There's frost on the pumpkin this morning, cold for Florida.


  1. cool pitcher! chilly morn here in seagrove too.

  2. that would be a huge winter project... to make my own 273 glaze combination test board. better get started.

  3. FROST?! In paradise??? say it isn't so -thought we were the only ones who shivered up here in Alaskaland-ha! How cool to see the show, participate in the Guild etc. Good for you to jump right in your new environment :o)

  4. sounds like a good night out- we are pulling out the blankets here- nice and chilly!

  5. Sounds like a good time, right up your alley. Cool cow pitcher. And frost on the pumpkin. Any pumpkins here are under a few inches of snow. I hope you're having a good week, Linda.

  6. The cow pitcher is beautiful. I love the shimmery colors. What a grand experience you are having there in Florida. I haven't been able to stop by much lately...all my time spent in Physical Therapy. But I backtracked, and I am so impressed with the great designs you have been making. I can tell you are enjoying yourself immensely!

  7. Love the cow pitcher. The colors are beautiful. Really like how they shimmer. I bought a small cow pitcher in Germany this summer. It's white with an opening at the middle of the back. Milk pours out the cow's mouth. It holds enough milk for about five people to put in their coffee (if all five take milk) and is about three in. high. I wanted a like container for the sugar but couldn't fit it into my purse to carry back. They're extremely popular in cafes in Germany and Austria (but I've only seen them in white.)

  8. The cow pitcher is beautiful and very unique. Sounds like you're having a great time! We haven't had our first frost, yet, but it's coming next week. I hate the cold! Stay warm, cher!

  9. Hi Michele, thanks, this little pitcher looks great in person, even colder today.

    Hi Jim, thanks, fun to look at all the colors, but then it's probably one of those 'it's how you use the colors that count' not how many you have.

    Hi Cindy, thanks, I just wish the guild meetings were closer to my home.

    Hi Meredith, thanks, I may have to invest in an electric blanket, how could I get so cold blooded so quickly.

    Hi Barbara, thanks, good to hear from you, hope you are healing well.

    Hi Kittie, thanks, this pitcher has an opening in the mouth too. I will have to google cow pitchers to see what they look like. This one really has an attitude.

    Hi Marguerite, thanks, somehow I am hating the cold too. Age may have something to do with it. Ha.


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