Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Not A Drop To Drink

Our well pump went out today. We judiciously purchased a home warranty when we bought our home which will cover part of the cost. Hopefully we don't need a new well; which wouldn't be covered and would cost a small fortune.

If we need a new well, I'll be carrying water from a stream in a clay pitcher like the one above I made a few years ago. The 10 x 5 inch water carrier is glazed with ohata kaki and canyon yellow glazes; the handle is driftwood I collected from the beach.

I started thinking of all the water surrounding Florida, the gulf, the ocean, the springs, the swamps, all the rivers and lakes. Not having any water available in our home, I immediately thought of the phrase, Not A Drop to Drink. This reminded me of the poem The Rime of the Ancient Mariner by the English poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge. You can read the whole poem here.

Just found out there's a Paul Andrew Wandless printing on clay workshop the second weekend of January at the Ocean Reef Art League in the dive capital of the world, Key Largo. Printing on clay is something I've always wanted to explore, but alas I can't find the extra cash to pay for a three day workshop.

I'll revisit water carrier forms as I'm reminded about the necessity of water to human life. A vision comes to mind of one of those wood yokes over my shoulders with a water pail on either end. I have a whole box of driftwood I collected on California beaches waiting to be used. I'd forgotten all about the driftwood till our well quit today close to 5 p.m. So far our heater is holding up but if it quits or we need a new well, it really will be Bah Humbug!


  1. shoot Linda!
    No water, lived that myself, is NO fun!
    I hope it is an easy fix!

  2. I had a well in Florida so all those long power outages can be brutal. You get where the most beautiful sound in the world is a toilet flushing.
    Hope you are fixed up soon.

  3. Hope things get better, Linda.
    Your water carrier is lovely! If I were you, I'll put flowers in it!!
    I've left another comment in your previous post...

  4. Will keep my fingers crossed about the water and well situation! Of course you would have a ceramic water pitcher all ready for this post! Ha! That's great.

  5. Ouch... no running water.. when I used to carry water, we said we had "walking water" instead of running water... although one can run with it. Best of Luck.

  6. so smart to have bought a home warranty - they are relatively inexpensive when you look at the big picture of purchasing a home. of course it is even sweeter when the seller buys it and it comes with the house!
    keeping my fingers & toes crossed for you that it is only the pump.

  7. Hi Meredith, thanks, even pulling a pump isn't an easy fix, the boom truck has to pull out all the water line however many feet it is in sections, ours is probably 150 or so maybe more; hope the casing isn't collapsed or doesn't collapse.

    Hi Patti, thanks, we were once without water in Arkansas for five days during an ice storm, then one time just for a day when lightening struck our well pump (which was an above ground one there). Yeah carrying buckets to flush the toilet now.

    Hi Sapphire, thanks, so much, I'll check out the other comment.

    Hi Patricia, thanks, this piece is long since gone, but thought of it and luckily had a photo for this post. I had another post ready, but dispensed with that as the lack of water is all consuming right now.

    Hi Craig, thanks, why did you used to carry water? Walking on water, at the risk of sacriledge I wish I could 'walk on water' and miracuously get the well fixed and find some money for that workshop.

    Hi Michele, thanks, since this was an older home we thought it might be good idea, so far it's paying for itself. and they can be renewed. We renewed the one on our last home for four years and that one paid for itself too. If it's the well, we'll both be working two jobs to pay for it.

  8. Water is one of the hardest things to live without, even for a short time. I hope it's a quick and inexpensive fix and you have nice neighbors who let you use the shower.

  9. What a drag! Life is so full of little problems, it seems, but no water? Now that's a big problem! Hope you don't need a new well and that it all gets fixed pronto. Beautiful day pitcher, btw!

  10. Hi Lori, thanks, yeah we don't know what we have till we don't have it that's for sure.

    Hi Marguerite, thanks about the pitcher, when it rains it pours, whoops no rain here, or water. They're here now so hopefully we have water soon.

  11. Gosh, what a bummer about the well. Hope it's fixed by now, and was an easy fix. Your water carrying bucket is beautiful, I hope you don't actually have to use it for that.

  12. Hi Barbara, thanks, no I'm not using that pot, it has long since been sold, but we were carrying water from the pool to flush the toilet in a bucket.


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