Monday, December 20, 2010

Plumb Full

One more half shelf and the kiln's plumb full. I had pieces to bisque I didn't remember making, till I took them off the shelf. Tiles, wall hangings, sculptures, pendants, bowls, cups, pinch pots, covered dishes, planters, and vases are packed in the kiln. I still have a number of flat items and tall vases on the drying shelves for another load or two.

One of my stemmed pinch mugs separated from it's base as I was sanding the edges. I slipped it back on and propped it up with some greenware biscuits. As I was doing this I thought of a better way to construct stems where I hollow out the bottom of the cup a little and insert the stem into the hole. I'll try that next time. My fingers are crossed for this mug.

I preheated the load for one hour and I'm firing very slow. This time of year it's hard to use my normal method of placing the bottom of a piece against my cheek to see if it's cold to know if it's dry or not. Everything feels cold to the touch even here in Florida. Can't imagine what it's like in other parts of the world where it's even colder. More later.


  1. Just to let you know your lovely pot arrived at Jewel's intact.
    You really did a super job and I will find a special place for it after her Dad takes a photo since he is really good at that.
    Thank you so much Linda, it was such a delightful surprise.
    Really liked the seashell imprints.
    You and Jewels are the best.

  2. Hi Patti, thanks, so glad the pots got there before xmas. Those imprints are made from a scallop Gary got diving in the bay when we when scallop fishing this summer. Hope it reminds you of Florida. Jewels pot also has an imprint from a similar scallop shell. Merry Christmas to you. Enjoy.

  3. Looks like you will have some pots!

  4. Look how busy you've been -or have you had elves in your studio?! I just noticed that you have classes posted on the right! Very cool :o)

  5. Hi Meredith, thanks, yeah it's about time, I need to bisque more often.

    Hi Cindy, thanks, I wish I had a couple of elves around here to load the kiln. No student elves yet, but I have four folks signed up for January, about as many as I want at one time. I better set some time aside and type up an outline, etc. thanks for the reminder.

  6. we loaded the kiln today too... firing into the wee hours of the morning :-)

    that is great that you will be having classes at your studio this winter!!!
    jeff is gearing up to start offering workshops and classes here in seagrove.

  7. Hi Michele, thanks, classes are good, but finding the room for folks is the problem, then I also realized I need chairs for folks to sit in and our kitchen chairs are white and padded, not the best for using with clay, so I am trying to work out the details as I don't want to store a lot of extra chairs either. Gary and I wish we lived in a big warehouse type building. I'll just have to be creative in how we work it all out.


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