Saturday, January 22, 2011

Cat Intuition

My cats figure high in my daily activities. I've found cats to be very sensitive and intuitive animals. My cats keep me company when I'm working and can intuitively sense my moods. I've noticed cats can pick up on unspoken cues much better than we humans can. My cat, Butter, likes the new chair. He always looks like he's thinking really important thoughts. Wonder what they are?

I think Butter is wondering what your thoughts are and I am too. I'm going on my fourth year blogging and I've made 600 posts. That's a lot of blah, blah blah. So I thought I'd ask you. What do you like to read here, what would like to read more of or less of? Please make a comment or two and let me know. I'll let Butter and my other two cats know what you have to say and of course I'll try to accommodate your wishes in future blog posts. Thanks for stopping by, for reading, and especially for your comments. Happy Saturday.


  1. Butter has the answer to world problems if we just knew how to access them.
    I am not a potter but enjoy all your posts. Keep doing what you are doing.

  2. Hi Patti, thanks, I think you are right, I bet Butter and all the animals have all the answers if only folks would listen to them, or could hear what they are saying.

  3. I'm not a potter either, but love following the process. I'm kindof looking forward to maybe some posts from your shows???

  4. just keep posting Linda!
    And I think that cat is thinking I am king of the house here- or queen...

  5. Good Morning Linda!

    Beautiful cat :) I think animals are the window to the soul~ they have the ability to get us our of our heads and into the moment like nothing else I've found!

    I see you have a good number of are doing something right! Stay true to yourself and keep sharing what you need/want to. It's working.

    I enjoy reading blogs that come from the heart, and yours certainly does.


  6. We have never met yet through your blog, I feel I know you a bit. I am not a potter but am creative and like to see how your creative process works. Plus stuff about food and cats always piques my interest.
    I can't remember how we found each other in the blogosphere, but I'm sure happy I connected with you, fellow creative soul!

  7. pretty kitty, neato chair... keep doing what your doing, you keep us all engaged!

  8. Meeow Butter,
    Ginger here..., all the way from New Zealand where us cats have to walk upside down and hold on tight to the earth in case we fall off and float up into the air! Why our ancestors had to land our space ship on a round world I really don't know! Not that I am complaining as I have an old drawer to sleep in and there are trees to climb and mice to hunt. A nice chair that you have there, and quite right too. I am glad to see that you have been able to find one that compliments your colour nicely.... beige would have been a disaster my Dear! Must go now as I have another 13 hours sleep to catch up with today. I know what you're thinking... of course we cats are telepathic, my major preoccupation is String theory... it makes more sense to me than General Relativity!
    My potter friend, Peter and his trusty companion, Laura, send their greetings... Nigella would say "hello" too, but is still too young to properly manage the keyboard! Ginger the Cat!

  9. You have a very gentle and thoughtful way of leading your readers through your day, your process, and it's always interesting. Please give us lots more "blah, blah, blah." :)

  10. Linda, reading your blog just like reading a post card from you. After meeting you and your hudsban, I enjoy even more reading your blog!!

  11. Hi Turquoisemoon, thanks, I've only gone to the Stirling Show recently which I posted about a few posts ago, when I go to some more I will post about them too, it has been so cold here lately not usual for Florida that's for sure and next week cold again.

    Hi Meredith, thanks, yes I think you are right, the cats around here have me wrapped around their fingers that's for sure, sometimes I think I am part cat though as I seem to really be able to communicate with them at times, then at other times who knows.

    Hi Kathy, thanks, so glad you enjoy the blog and hopefully others don't think some of my posts are too hokey, but really they are truly what I think and feel about my daily life.

    Hi Ronna, thanks so much for your words, I try to toss in a little of this and that for readers who are not potters too and everyone has to eat so why not a few recipes, and well the cats they do run a good part of my life, ha.

    Hi Michele, thanks, the table is almost completed with the paint to go with the chair, glad you like the colors and the blog.

    Oh Peter, I mean Ginger, thanks for stopping in I have missed Peter you know, he is so busy and makes such wonderful crystal pots now and I know how addicting this clay thing is but his words are so creative too, and you have a drawer to sleep in, my cat Butter is very envious of your place to sleep. Butter likes getting in cardboard boxes if I leave them about as you can see on the sidelines, he used to get into the sink and curl up too. He is quite a large cat, but can curl up into the smallest places. Say hi to Nigella and Laura and Peter for me. And do continue to distract Peter so he doesn't work too hard; I hope he got in that show he was preparing for. And only those close to the string theory would know that of course that is much more likely than relativity, after all life is all only relative.

    Hi Teresa, thanks, well you can probably tell already I've become quite prolific at the blah, blah, blah and if I don't post I kind of miss it myself. Ha.

    Hi Powen Liu, thanks for stopping by, Gary told me about your visit with him at the clay and blogs show and we were both so glad to meet you. I know folks read here I just never know who they all are so nice to see you are one too. Happy potting to you.

  12. Funny you posted about cats, I just posted about dogs!! Sitting up here in the frozen North (in my flannel) I enjoy seeing a bit of sun, beach and open water about now. Your stories and thoughtful insights are always a delight. I appreciate when others share their lives and the ups and downs we all go through. Your writing always seems so honest and sincere that I feel at times we are neighbors living on the same street and not at complete opposite ends of the country! Keep on keepin' on Linda!


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