Thursday, January 13, 2011

Fun, Funky & Retro

It's a cold and dreary winter, time for fun, funky and retro. Here are two vases I hope will warm you up this winter morning. I'll bet kids would get a kick out of this alphabet vase; naming the letters. Hey, an educational vase. Ha! Bright colors are happy colors. Every letter of the alphabet in raised letters are on this vase. Maybe some black felt zoo animals on sticks placed in the vase would look good. What do you think, any creative ideas?

What about some lime green pom poms placed in this circle vase? Or a few stems with light green leaves or Bells of Ireland flowers (Molucella laevis), I love those. Not sure where any light green leaves could be had this time of year unless they are artificial.

Oh I do have these ceramic leaves, but no way to place them in the vase. What a bold statement any of these props would make.

Wish I had some props for my photos. I did have some chenile pipe cleaners; pom poms would be much better though. Both of these vases are in my Etsy shop. I'm retaking all my photos because they're out of focus, I'm working on that slowly but surely. Comments and suggestions are welcome.
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  1. The alphabet vase is cool! Love the idea about the black felt zoo animals. What a great gift idea for a new teacher... or a zoo keeper! Really cool pieces.

  2. Hi Patricia, thanks, I was beginning to wonder when I was making the vase if cutting out all those letters and applying them was worth the trouble especially as I got to the end. Good ideas about the teacher or zoo keeper gift. thanks.

  3. Hi Linda!

    I like the pom pom vase and see some big leaves in it- elephant ear leaves or large hosta leaves. It's a very cheery vase :)
    Thanks for your comment on my blog post- it hit me between the eyes, in a good way!


  4. Love them! You are so talented!!!

  5. I have always been partial to a yellow and green combination. These are wonderful. And such creative ideas you have for filling them. I want to add: I read, through link within, your post on your scrapbook for 1965. It was before I became aware of your blog. It's a great post. what an adventurer you are, with a willingness to take a big leap. I could relate to it as I have a very similar scrapbook, and a similar willingness.

  6. Hi Kathy, thanks, that's right there are lots of plants with big green leaves, I may need to make some more bright vases with other bold colors, cause some people do like brighter colors. I had to go back to your blog to see what I commented, because I was hoping I didn't offend, then I read what I wrote and it sounded better this time. I left another comment for you about my thoughts about not having one style.

    Hi Turquoisemoon, thanks ever so much.

    Hi Teresa, thanks so much, I had to go back and re-read my post about the scrapbook to see what I wrote back then and it was actually nice to read it and reflect back on what I thought at the time and see how I feel now. Several folks wrote they were envious but if they're still followers and read a previous post they will see traveling isn't always as romantic as it seems, every risk has it's rewards and drawbacks, but I wouldn't change the risks I've taken so far (thank goodness).

  7. You are a clever and talented gal. Both these vases are wonderful. I hope you are having a great day. Blessings...Mary

  8. What fun and creative vases! I love both of them and needed something bright and cheery on this very cold morning! (28 degrees, here) Stay warm!

  9. Linda your vases are so fun and uplifting. They all have great design features, but my favorite is the one with the green circles over the fold. Groovy!!

  10. Hi Mary, thanks, I guess some folks like bright, in the past I was reluctant to use bright colors, Florida is influenceing me. Ha.

    Hi Marguerite, thanks, yes they really are a pick me up when I see the bright colors, somehow they make me smile and that's ok isn't it.

    Hi Cindy, thanks, when I first opened up the kiln with these I thought to myself, oh my gosh what have I done to all that work, but these are growing on men now especially since I started thinking about how I could embrace their bright colors.

  11. oooo I'm liking your use of colors!! Keep going -let's see what you can come up with next in COLOR :o)

  12. Hi Cindy, thanks, what age are you in the photo? How cute. I'm thinking turquoise and black, maybe peach and black, maybe lime and turquoise, maybe, ha, ha ha.


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