Monday, January 17, 2011

Mixing Glazes

People look a lot better in person than in stagnant photos, don't you think? Not only that, it's difficult to take a photo of yourself in the mirror, have it be in focus, and keep your smile from looking fake. Doesn't the camera look like it's there on it's own? I'm actually holding it, but it's outside the frame, freaky.

Today I hope to get more work done on that table I need to finish painting. I also hope to work on some frames I'm building for some ceramic pieces from the last firing. I've redone my Etsy banner and I'm still redoing photographs of work for sale. I also listed a few more pieces.

Then I'm going to Dunedin Fine Art Center on Tuesday to work with one of the instructors, Clara Ann Yarian, on mixing glazes. Clara hand builds and her work is primarily functional maiolica at the present time. Clara's work are the three pieces on the left in the photograph above. I hope to learn a lot. Comments and suggestions are very welcome.


  1. No more blue streaks?
    One of the neat things about your chosen art is the capacity to constantly learn.
    Enjoy those classes.

  2. Nice photo - I have taken myself in a mirror too and have gotten some strange images....maybe that's how I look :-)

  3. So fun to SEEE you! I love hearing how you have found a new art community to be with :o)

  4. Hi Meredith, thanks.

    Hi Patti, thanks, the blue streaks lasted a very long time, actually there is still one underneath all that thick hair of mine but very faded. Ha.

    Hi Helen, thanks, I have some other photos in windows too those are also kind of strange of me, maybe that's how I look too, strange is better than boring though ha.

    Hi Cindy, thanks, I wished I lived closer to there though, it's quite a long drive and takes lots of fuel which costs a lot Ugh.


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