Thursday, January 20, 2011


Spring is on it's way I can feel it in the air. We cleared out a little area to plant some spring vegetables in the back yard and lined it with some cinder blocks that were here. Now we need to find somewhere to get some good soil. The soil here is all sand and it doesn't have many nutrients at all.

Since it was so much warmer today than it has been, my mind wandered to thoughts of summer flowers. I remembered a blue poppy bowl I was inspired to make last year after seeing a blue Himalayan poppy on Cindy Shake's blog. The bowl had a crack on the edge before I even bisqued it. I decided to fire it anyway just before I left California to see how the slip color would work out. It fired nicely all except for that small crack at the rim.

I decided to make another poppy bowl this evening, this time in lavender and blue since I had just enough of those slip colors mixed up to make one large bowl. Hope this one doesn't get any cracks. I also made some rustic planters for window boxes, thinking those would be nice to plant herbs and put on a kitchen window sill. Tomorrow I'll mix up more slip and replenish all the colors I work with so I can make small bowls and other pieces.

In my last post, Benefactor Wanted, I mentioned my request for wanting a benefactor in a light hearted way, but I was actually serious about the request. I've often wondered what I would do if I won the lottery or some huge inheritance. When I was a landscaper I always said if I won the lottery, I'd build a botanical garden which was educational so folks who came to visit could learn and come to appreciate all the plant kingdom has to offer. I never won the lottery, but I accomplished my dream of a garden with the lavender farm I created at my last place, where the public came and enjoyed it. The garden ended up being a small scale botanical garden like the one I dreamed of.

Now that I have another love, that of clay, if I somehow came into a large sum of money I'd build a wonderful clay retreat with galleries, studio spaces, all different kinds of kilns, and I'd have lots of potters come to teach workshops. It would be a place where folks could come to learn and have fun with clay. And there would be stipends for folks who couldn't afford the cost of travel so they could avail themselves of all the clay retreat and workshops had to offer.

I figured if I would want to do that if I had the funds, then there might be someone who would want to be my benefactor. It doesn't hurt to ask or to dream. Sometimes dreams come true in one way or another. So I keep working towards my goals even if my steps are small, my steps all lead in the direction I dream of going. Comments are welcome.
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  1. Had to laugh a bit at your description of Florida "soil?" I loved gardening in Fl due to the year round aspect and plenty of rain but you really do have to build the soil. I would just add amendments till I got something that would support plants. Once you do that, each year you have to add less and less. Also planting a green manure in the winter--buckwheat, winter rye, etc, then turning it under in the spring helps. Eventually, you will create growable soil or you can just go out and buy garden soil but that is pricy.
    Beware "free" manure from the dairies, it is full of seeds.
    Get those hands dirty.

  2. HI Patti, thanks, I was thinking we might be able to go to the landfill and get some compost reasonably. Maybe they have some the make there.

  3. we enjoyed a warm day in north carolina too... it made spring seem not so far away. keep dreaming about your clay center, sometimes dreams do come true... and it wouldn't hurt to buy a lottery ticket ;-)

  4. Hi Linda
    What a wonderful dream!! I hope it comes true. We have a couple of elementary schools here that are empty, I think it would be a perfect place for an art center.

  5. I too hope your dream comes true, it sounds like a plan for a wonderful place.
    Thanks for the poppies, I've been craving spring.

  6. I also hope you find a benefactor~ I would love to come to a gathering place like you dream of!

  7. SPRING?! Lucky Ducky! We finally bumped up out of the wretched zero temps to a balmy 20 degrees and even got a new dusting of some fresh snow! I'm loving your Poppy! Seems like you could start bird-dogging some grants(?) or other artist opportunities(?) any philanthropy groups in your area?

  8. Spring would be a great thing right now. Wisconsin is in a deep freeze.
    Your dream sounds wonderful.


  9. Hi Michele, thanks, I keep saying I'll buy a lottery ticket, but never do. Eons ago when the California lottery first came out I bought a ticket and won $54 and never one a thing again; I gave up buying them. I heard there is a scratch off where everyone is supposed to win $1 million, that would be just fine, heck I'd be happy with any amount Ha.

    Hi Connie, thanks, there are so many old buildings that sit empty so many places, one with history would be wonderful for an art center. I dream of old buildings with weathered brick and peeling painted signs on the exterior, old wood floors, ah.

    Hi Lori, thanks, poppies are such wonderful flowers, they look so delicate yet are so strong.

    Hi Cindy, thanks, I'll check into your ideas, not sure I have the stamina or drive to run an art center, but a grant for just me wouldn't hurt. yeah a little philanthropy, I'll be checking into that. Ha.

    Hi Julz, thanks, it's pouring here tonight, thunder, lightening and raining cats and dogs, we needed it. I just couldn't handle all that cold weather you get up there, not any more; I'd have to stay inside all winter.


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